Managed Onsite Backup

The best of Onsite Data Protection and expert-led managed service combined – backed by trusted Veeam technology.

What is Managed Onsite Backup?

For organizations who have space and resources onsite but need an expert guide in ensuring backups are architected for optimum availability, security, and compliance. Follow the 3-2-1 Data Protection best practice rule by having 3 copies of your data, in two different media types or locations, with one copy off-site.

Managed Onsite Backups by Veeam

Why Choose Managed Onsite Backups?

Establishing secure and encrypted onsite backup is the base camp on your journey to data protection so that you may overcome future obstacles of human-error data deletion, file corruption, or malicious attacks. With Managed Onsite Backup, Performive takes the stress and uncertainty out of migrating to a new backup platformOur Veeam certified Devoted Engineers will guide your team down the path to deploying the optimal data protection strategy your business requires.

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Performive Managed Onsite Backup Powered by Veeam

With the power of Performive and Veeam, you can protect any workload, customizing security and setting retention to fit compliance requirements, to ensure your backups are available when you need them most.

Backup Expertise

When you put your trust in us, you put your trust in a Veeam Platinum Partner. Take confidence knowing the remote management of your backups are in the hands of experts.  

Restore with Ease

It’s a complete solution, not a complicated one. With just a few clicks, securely restore files, folders, or entire VMs to the destination of your choice.

Turnkey Onsite Appliances

When you run out of internal resources, we can deploy a fully managed Veeam Backup and Recovery appliance directly into your facility to protect your data locally.

When is Managed Onsite Backups the right Data Protection strategy?

Managed Onsite Backups Use Case

Upgraded Onsite Backups Use Case

Customer Problem

The Performive customer struggled to modernize legacy backups with an already overwhelmed IT team.

Performive Solution

With the help of Performive’s certified Veeam experts, the customer was able to migrate their onsite backups to Veeam’s platform. Performive’s Devoted Engineers and Support Technicians guided the customer through the Veeam toolset and demystified the experienceNow the customer enjoys peace of mind knowing their data is backed by a platform with the best-in-class security. 

On Prem, Onsite Backups Use Case

3-2-1 Cloud and Local Backup Use Case

Customer Problem

To meet 3-2-1 data protection best practice, the company had already implemented cloud backups and needed to back up in one additional location. With space on premisesthey looked for a local solution.

Performive Solution

Our team deployed managed onsite backups powered by Veeam giving the customer more control of their backups and improved both RPO and RTO with the backup repository being onsite. Additionally, Performive’s Engineers reconfigured their offsite replication to a VCC repository pushing nightly backups to the cloud upgrading their additional layer of data protection.

Rely on Performive to Manage Your Onsite Backups

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