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Let our expert engineers design a custom private cloud to meet your compliance or security requirements.

What is a Private Cloud?

Private Clouds come in two flavors: Dedicated Private Clouds and Virtual Private Clouds. Dedicated Private Clouds rely on dedicated servers to provide private computing resources and are provisioned for a single organization. Private Clouds are the ideal environment for businesses needing to meet compliance standards or requiring a deep level of security.

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Benefits of a Performive Private Cloud Environment

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Built with Security

Dedicated Private Cloud environments are built from physically-isolated resources, such as network, computing, and storage, offering enhanced security over virtual environments.

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Cost for Performance

Dedicated resources provide cost efficiency for an always-on workload but never skimps on the performance.

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Your Private Cloud

These single-tenant clouds, architected by Performive design engineers, will be custom developed to meet your demands. Build them as a stand-alone or connect to additional clouds for multicloud capabilities.

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Expertise is Always Available

Our cloud and VMware experts provide advice, optimizations, and management of your dedicated private cloud environments, easing migrations and the ongoing maintenance your critical workloads require.

Real VMware Experts

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Performive eases IT Operations through consultations and management of:

  • VMware Management Operations

  • VMware Server Virtualization

  • VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • VMware Migrations

  • VMware Business Continuity

  • VMware Network & Security

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Why Lean on Performive to Be Your Private Cloud Experts ?

Deep Expertise

The nerd quotient runs deep here. Our technical experts, many achieving 10+ years of service here at Performive, have certifications and continue learning new skills in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, VMware, and Veeam. And even better, they share this knowledge daily with our customers.

Build with Passion

There is no one right way to cloud, but there is one best way to build your organization’s Private Cloud. Our engineers take the time to learn your business, internal skill set, budget, scaling needs, critical workloads, and applications – resulting in the right cloud for you.

Manage it All

Maintaining an organization’s infrastructure can take more than 70 percent of an IT team’s time. Managed services give mid-sized companies their internal expertise back to focus on innovating to serve the company and end-users. Spin up or down the consumption of our wide-range of managed services to coincide with staff changes, project timelines or other organizational objectives.

Support with Devotion

At Performive, we love our customers. And they love our support. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, each member of our support staff dedicates their expertise to one client request ticket at a time. Meaning, our customers get devoted, personal support until a solution is sent back to the customer for sign off. That is Performive Devoted Support™.

Cloud Migrations and a Path for Growth

At Performive we believe it is important to get you on right path, right away. Our expert engineers offer a full suite of services on top of our Devoted Support, to help you migrate to a custom built Performive Private Cloud. Once you are here, you have access to our cloud design team to strategize your cloud evolution path which can include hybrid or managed multicloud architectures.

When is Private Cloud the Right Fit?

We have helped thousands of customers choose a cloud based on their individual needs. Here are a few customer scenarios where a Private Cloud was the best-fit architecture:

private cloud for healthcare

Healthcare Industry Use Case

Customer Problem

A healthcare company needed to protect patient data with a secure cloud that allowed them to meet HIPAA compliance standards. 

Performive Solution

Dedicated server and computing resources within a Performivearchitected solution provided physical security, security monitoring through Managed Services, and Data Protection services.

private cloud manufacturing

Cloud Initiative with Control Use Case

Customer Problem

A manufacturing organization with predictable legacy workloads it wanted to move off premises and into the cloud, while maintaining the control of the environment like they do today.  

Performive Solution

With a Performive Private Cloud Solution, their IT leader stayed in the driver’s seat stipulating how and when cloud resources were allocated. They migrated to the cloud from an on-premise solution, without changing their daytoday functionality.

Add More Possibilities to Your Private Cloud Solution With Cloud Companion Services

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