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Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud for the first time or migrate away from your hyperscaler to another cloud, the experts at Performive are here to make your transition easy.

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Are you considering migrating to the cloud but concerned about the potential hassle it may bring? Are you sick of the hidden costs with hyperscalers and looking to transition to a more economically viable cloud solution? At Performive, we specialize in making cloud migrations effortless.

With our expertise in VMware, premier Veeam Data Protection partner status, and certifications in multi-cloud environments, we ensure a seamless transition for your business. Rest assured, with Performive’s 24/7 live support you’ll be spared the complexities of refactoring or mastering new systems.

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Why Should Your Business Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migration projects are a popular strategy to gain efficiencies inside the organization. The catalysts for moving are often performance gains, cost efficiency, scalability, agility, ease of maintenance/operability, and compatibility of applications.

Operational Efficiency

Power, space, cooling, security, and patching are all labor, time, and cost concerns to running your environment on-premise. Time savings are reported as the greatest benefit to cloud migrations, freeing up your IT Department to focus on innovation rather than on maintenance.

Greater Cost Controls

Streamline your IT investments by consolidating them into a unified cloud model with Performive as your trusted provider, resulting in substantial cost savings. Transitioning from hyper-scalers minimizes hidden fees and enhances cost visibility. By entrusting traditional on-premise tasks to the cloud or Performive as your Managed Service Provider, you can reduce reliance on expanding internal IT resources.

Increase Time to Market

As companies embark on improving their products and services through digital enhancements, time to market becomes an issue. Legacy infrastructure and applications can cause lag in deployment, reducing a company’s competitive position and increasing customer churn rates. Refactoring and modernization initiatives can often be incorporated in cloud migration projects resulting in faster time to market and a competitive advantage.

Improved Compliance

Allow Performive to assist your organization in choosing a cloud platform that bolsters security, ensuring adherence to industry compliance standards.

Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration with Performive


Collaborate with our skilled engineers for a comprehensive evaluation of your data set, applications, workloads, and an inventory of your existing resources.


Map your current environment to the future recommended environment, strategizing for a seamless transition that mitigates downtime throughout the migration process.


Before a migration project is started, our experts avoid risk by replicating your current environment. Failover to the secondary environment will be orchestrated for you in the event an unforeseen issue arises in the migration.

Stand Up & Staging

Your new environment is populated with the required resources. Workloads and applications are staged and tested before your data is populated.

Data Transfer

Performive’s Dedicated Engineering Team will guide you through the optimal strategy to seed your new environment with data, minimizing the need for lengthy and resource-intensive data transfers.

Testing & Production

Upon the completion of quality assurance testing, your cloud migration project will be seamlessly handed over to your team, fully prepared and operational.

Cloud Migration Success Stories

Performive Supports Non-profit Hospital with Migration from Physical Hardware to the Cloud


The client, operating on physical hardware, faced pressure to transition to the cloud due to growth plans. Seeking security enhancement and efficiency, they aimed to adopt DaaS for end-user management and simplify operations. With limited IT staff negatively affecting patient care and previous MSPs causing downtime, they sought a single provider for streamlined operations.


Performive executed a seamless migration to a private cloud, improving uptime. As their comprehensive solution provider, Performive manages VMWare, Windows, and Veeam licensing, infrastructure, software, security, and services. With Performive handling their technology stack, the internal IT Department now focuses exclusively on business initiatives.

Additionally, Performive standardized desktop deployments, enhancing security. Transitioning to an OPEX model freed up capital, while consolidating EDR and MDR solutions improved compliance.

Performive Helps Casino Transfer from Tape Backups to the Cloud to Achieve Compliance


The client sought to modernize their data protection infrastructure by transitioning away from Mag Tapes. Additionally, they aimed to establish a secondary backup location and implement a cloud solution for redundancy purposes.


The customer streamlined their operations by partnering with Performive as their single provider for their comprehensive solution, encompassing hardware, software, cloud services, and management. This consolidated approach led to notable enhancements in both support and performance. Furthermore, they now benefit from a comprehensive data protection solution, featuring immutable copies of their data and warm replications for swift restoration in case of an outage.

Performive Supports Manufacturing Client with Seamless Migration from Hyperscalers for Better Cost Control


The client sought a cloud solution offering superior cost control compared to their existing AWS Gov Cloud. They needed a secure and standardized VDI solution with Endpoint Protection for their extensive network spanning 250 locations.


Performive seamlessly migrated the client from AWS Gov Cloud, cutting costs and boosting performance. With Performive as their new cloud provider, they saw improved support and efficiency. Additionally, Performive introduced a secure DaaS solution leveraging VMware Horizon across 250 locations.

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