Desktop as a Service

Empower productivity with dedicated resources per user and secure, reliable access to applications from any location on any device.

Deploy a secure DaaS solution
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Deploy a secure DaaS solution
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  • Talk with an expert & get a quote

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Desktop as a Service, also known as DaaS, is a managed cloud solution to provide employees with remote desktop access to applications. Desktop as a Service is a Performive Cloud environment powered by VMware and managed by certified experts that delivers a consistent and excellent user experience across all devices and platforms. Each user has secure, remote access to their desktop image with its own dedicated compute resources to reliably power business-critical applications. Additional security, business continuity, and managed services can be layered onto any DaaS solution to meet custom requirements.

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Desktop as a service daas

Work as one with Desktop as a service

Enabling a Secure Remote Workforce

Securely power your remote workforce to be efficient and productive with cloud desktop as a service. Each desktop is allocated dedicated virtual cloud resources to reach peak performance. All underlaying hardware and network components are fully redundant and employees connect with powerful 10Gbps network bandwidth.

Powerful Compute

Top-of-the-line hardware, including GPU processors are used in every VDI & Desktop as a Service environment, ensuring outstanding performance and breathtakingly fast delivery to employees.

Protect & Secure

Security is intrinsically end-to-end throughout all virtual and physical components. Additional end-point protection or single sign-on, powered by VMware Carbon Black and Workspace One can be integrated into the solution. Ensure continuity with workspace backup or O365 Backups to add Data Protection.

Dedicated Resources per User

Other Remote Desktop as a Service offers rely on a shared virtual environment causing performance issues and unreliable connection for the users. Since ‘Perform’ is in our name, our solution delivers dedicated resources per desktop.

Flexible Management

Our Desktop as a Service solutions are fully managed by certified VMware expert engineers, or you can opt of a custom managed solution, where your internal team retains control of select services.

Performive Dedicated Desktop as a Service Bundles, Powered by VMware

Explore our three Dedicated DaaS bundles, each with allocated resources per user tailored to accommodate the needs of common use cases. If you need a custom solution, reach out and one of our Devoted Engineers can assist in developing the perfect fit.

Base Camp

Ideal for Microsoft O356, Zoom

Dedicated resources per user:

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2.4GH + Core Frequency
  • 8G RAM
  • 10Gbps Network Access
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Ideal for Adobe Creative Suite

Dedicated resources per user:

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 2.4GH + Core Frequency
  • 16G RAM
  • 10Gbps Network Access
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Ideal for CAD Software

Dedicated resources per user:

  • 8 CPU Cores
  • 2.4GH + Core Frequency
  • 32G RAM
  • 10Gbps Network Access
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*add-on GPU compute available on any tier

Secure, Dedicated Desktop as a Service starting at $49 a seat

Dedicated Desktop as a Service Features and Management Matrix

Performive’s Remote Desktop Solution, powered by VMware, offers customized management based on the customers preferred control level. The Basecamp, Timberline and Peak Packages can all be enhanced with additional Business Continuity and Security Services.

Solution Feature Customer Managed Performive Managed Available Service
Workspace / Desktop:
End User Support
Technical Team Support
Application Management
Standard Image Creation
Additional Image Creation
Image Management
New Desktop Creation / Distribution
Control Plane Maintenance
VMware Licensing ✓*
Windows Licensing ✓*
Infrastructure - Server, Server Backup & Storage
Infrastructure Availability - Compute & Storage
Hosting Environment - Space, Power & Cooling
Business Continuity:
Workspace Backup Management
Microsoft O365 Backup Management
Disaster Recovery Management
Infrastructure Physical Security
Identity Access Management - Policy Based
Identity Access Management - Enterprise / Global IAM
Connectivity - WAN
Network Security - VPN
Network Firewall
Endpoint Protection - Carbon Black Management
SD-WAN - Velocloud
DDoS Mitigation

* customer may bring existing licensing

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Business Benefits vs. IT Team Benefits of a Managed Desktop as a Service Solution

Desktop as a Service provides agility, cost savings, time savings and improved security options to managing device access for employees.

Adapt Quickly to Changes in Workforce Locations

With 60% of employers believing they will need flexible remote workforce policies to attract and retain talent. With Desktop as a Service, workspaces can be issued in clicks and be accessed on any device, on any platform and in any location.

Bolster Security Stance

Internal organization security policies can be hard to enforce. With a Managed Desktop as a Service Solution, security is intrinsic throughout the architecture – and additional security features can be built in. Finally, organizations can have the flexibility to allow policies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) knowing the security concerns have been addressed.

Increase Employee Productivity

By building a customized workspace image with the Performive engineers, every employee will get the same, consistent access to your team’s mission-critical applications in their Desktop as a Service solution. There is less time troubleshooting platform specific or device specific access for employees, while your IT Team benefits from saving the time to set up each device individually. Additionally, Performive’s Network Mesh powerfully connects regions for optimized data transfer and application processing speeds.

Reduced Costs

The Performive DaaS Solution bundles security, business continuity, network and virtual desktop for an all-inclusive solution delivering a lower cost of ownership with no capital expenditure. Additionally, your team will save by extending the life of personal devices and needing less device compute power to support your employees.

Fully Supported with Access to Experts

As a Performive DaaS customer you have access to our 24x7x365, anywhere in the world, technical support staff to help you when an issue arises. And with our new Devoted Engineering Service, you will have access to highly trained and certified cloud and VMware Engineers On-Demand. Our customers use this Professional Service offering for strategy consultations, internal training, migrations or even to outsource full projects.

When is Desktop as a Service the right choice?

Desktop as a service use case

Demanding Applications Use Case

Customer Problem

An architecture consultancy firm needs the ability to securely deliver application with demanding graphical requirements to remote employees working from a variety of devices 

Performive Solution

Performive designed a Dedicated Desktop as a Service Solution with hardware equipped with GPU compute to support CAD software and other applications that require additional compute for ideal performance. Each user has their own dedicated pool of these high-performance resources for constant and reliable application performance.