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What are Professional Services & Devoted Engineering?

Mid-size businesses can’t afford to hire a specialist for every emerging technology that they invest in (like enterprise companies can). But when you are a Performive customer, your business can gain the edge necessary to keep up with the competition. Performive customers can obtain our in-house, bleeding-edge expertise to consult or directly work on priority projects through professional services, known at Performive as Devoted Engineering Support.

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When are Professional Services Needed?

Our customers usually leverage our Professional Services when they need specialized skills or have a temporary skills gap in their own team. Augmenting your business’s internal IT staff with a trusted team of certified cloud engineers is a cost-efficient solution to deliver your projects on time and on budget.

5 Use Cases for Performive Professional Services

  • Augment your staff skills with certified engineers as consultants or hands-on contributors

  • Cover gaps during staff turnover or absence (ie: sabbatical, illness, time off)

  • Meet tight deadlines with additional manpower

  • Hire specialty skills for one-time projects

  • Consult or request training in a specialty skill area

Extend your team with Performive

Benefits of Performive’s On-Demand Devoted Engineering Services


Access to our Devoted Engineering or Professional Services is not by a yearly subscription like many managed services plans. Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Certified Experts

Our in-house engineers are devoted to continuous learning. Contact us for the most up-to-date certification categories, which include, but are not limited to, VMware, Veeam, Salt, cPanel, AWS, Azure, and more.

Best-Practice Adherence

Not only do our seasoned in-house engineers have the technical certifications, but they also have the experience of building thousands of cloud environments for our client base. Hands-on experience optimizing infrastructure of all sizes for all purposes ensures your project is advancing with established, best-practice methods.

Easy and Fast Spin Up

There are no new vendor set-ups or MSAs to push through finance and legal. Spin up Devoted Engineering Services within your existing customer contract.

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  • VMware Cloud Verifiedd
  • Managed Azure Certification

Extend your team with performive professional services