Performive Managed Security

A cloud-delivered security solution so you never have to worry about downtime or data loss again. 

Secure. Every. Endpoint.

Performive Managed Security backed by CrowdStrike combines the expertise of Performive’s Devoted Engineering team with the most reliable, cloud-native security technology available today. Your network and endpoints are protected from all attacks, ranging from commodity malware to sophisticated ransomware attacks—maintaining near zero business interruptions and meeting regulatory requirements.

Performive’s Devoted Engineers install the agent, tailor security policies to your organization’s requirements and handle the day-to-day management. The cloud-delivered security agent is signatureless and uses Machine Learning, AI, and automation to actively monitor and protect your network and every endpoint against attacks—even when offline.

managed security with crowdstrike


The cost of a managed security solution will never outweigh the cost of having to rebuild your credibility after an attack or breach.

Deploy with Speed

Deploy in minutes and start protecting all end points. The lightweight agent operates without impacting resources or productivity, replaces any legacy antivirus, and seamlessly covers any preexisting gaps.

Signatureless Detection

Instead of using signatures, machine learning and IA work to detect and prevent known and unknown malware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). This automation has been proven to stop more than 99.7% of malware and ransomware attacks – while generating zero false positives.

Regulatory Standards

CrowdStrike’s always-on, single agent endpoint protection is validated for PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and FFIEC regulatory requirements.

Visibility and Control

Gain unparalleled alert context and visibility into detections and security health reporting. As well as the ability to customize group policies for different devices and define unique behaviors to block with Indicators of Attack (IOAs).

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Never experience data loss or downtime again

See how Performive’s Devoted Engineers leverage CrowdStrike and ensure the safety and availability of your environments.


Managed patching and network updates that align to modern threat knowledge keep every end-point protected not just for a moment in time, but throughout your service.


Starting from the minute our Devoted Engineers install the CrowdStrike agent on your environment, it’s constantly working to provides advanced, signatureless protection through machine learning, behavioral analytics, and integrated threat intelligence.


24/7 proactive hunting combs for behavior-based Indicators of Attack (IOA), ensuring that—in event of threat activity—detection happens at the earliest possible stage before substantial damage can be done.


The CrowdStrike global security database of threats and threat actors is one of the most comprehensive. With new data being added every day, AI and machine learning scan your environment for threats of all kinds, including undocumented threat varietals.


With immediate notification of a detection, potential threats can be quarantined on write stops, isolating malicious files when they first appear on a host. With average dwell time over over 100 days leading to costly and deep security breaches, quick detection and communication can restore operations with as little business interruption as possible.

security technology to combat even the most sophisticated attacks

  • Signatureless detection

  • Detects even when devices are offline

  • Utilizes behavior-based indicators of attack (IOAs)

  • Instantly operational after installation

  • Machine learning and AI detect known and unknown malware and ransomware

  • Detects malicious files when they first appear on host

  • No infrastructure required and little impact on existing resources

  • Fully customizable policies to help you meet regulatory reporting

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