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Industry specific solutions

Each industry has its own set of specifications and requirements when it comes to IT strategy-everything from performance and availability demands, to security precautions, to regulatory compliance standards. At Performive, we work with organizations 1:1 to design an IT strategy that empowers business growth and success. Through our long history of helping mid-sized businesses grow, we have tailored our solutions to fit typical industry needs – and continued to advance to keep our clients ahead of the curve. Discover more about our industry-specific approaches below.

industry specific IT solutions

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Finance & Legal Services

Maintaining the trust of your customers is paramount, to do so you need consistent availability and a strong cybersecurity stance.

Manufacturing & Transportation

With IT transformation and modernization your organization can stay one step ahead in continuing to provide unparalleled service and delivery.


Partner with Performive for budget-friendly IT solutions so you can stay focused on your organizations’ mission.


Modernize your environment and safeguard patient data with a security partner you can rely on.

Media & Adtech

Enhance data availability, delivery, and security to give you the competitive edge and improve customer retention.


Keep customers happy and sales up by avoiding disruption or downtime on your eCommerce site with secure web hosting and disaster recovery solutions.

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