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Secure Solutions for Empowering Employees to Work Anywhere in the World.

Build a Winning Culture by Enabling Secure, Performant Remote Work Solutions

4.7 million workers in the United States work remote 50% or more of the time with 62% working remotely occasionally. Mid-sized organizations need to retain and attract top talent to increase their competitive edge. Desktop as a Service, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and Shared Application Environments can all provide solutions to solve the security risks of your organization’s devices on any network. Which solution best enables your organization to be productive while managing costs? Find out by exploring Performive’s Remote Workforce Solutions.

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Desktop as a Service

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Learn about remote work capabilities with VDI.

Remote Desktop Service or Shared Application

Learn how Virtual Application Solutions helped internal operations for our clients.

Secure Your Workforce Strategy

Dive into Performive’s security positioning for workforce enablement.

Challenges to Enabling Productive and Secure Remote Work Policies

Common customer challenges when of developing an integrated workforce solution for their organization:

  • How can we ensure a reliable user experience in remote locations?

  • How can we provide seamless access for enhanced productivity?

  • How can we efficiently support remote access?

  • How do we protect the organization’s data?

  • Can we trust personal devices for remote work?

Consulting with a proven solution provider can help you plan your IT roadmap. Contact us today to set up a consultation to enable a secure remote workforce solution for your organization.

Calculating the Savings and Benefits of a Secure, Remote Workforce Solution.

A singular workspace solution benefits the organization in the following ways:

Reduce Spend on Software

Cohesive Solutions eliminates spend on layered software solution approaches and can reduce licensing costs over $100k.

Avoid Risk from Security Breaches

Advanced endpoint protection reduces security risk operational costs by 20%+.

Simplify Internal Support

Standardization, simplification and automation of a DaaS or VDI increase IT responsiveness and speeds issue remediation.

Increase IT Agility

Efficiencies in environment consolidation save time and resources increasing agility for all.

Reduce Workforce Attrition

Improve onboarding, resource availability and application access leading to a reduction in frustration and employee turnover.

Accelerate Time to Market

Consistent application accessibility among product owners and developer speed deployment.

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Secure and Enable Your Remote Workforce

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