Threat Detection & Prevention

Performive’s security solution can identify an attack on Day One and quickly communicates to minimize data loss and business interruption.

When a threat breaks in, detection time is of the essence

Cybersecurity threats of varying severities are an everyday occurrence and take the form of malware, phishing, Denial of Service, or other advanced threats. Monitoring and detecting the entire network can be a tall order for smaller IT teams with limited personnel resources – especially when alerts come through outside of regular business hours. Performive expert security technicians will be on the watch 24/7/365 to immediately communicate detections while minimizing false positives. Let your team rest easy knowing that Performive is monitoring and proactively hunting for threats to your environment. With average threat detection taking over 100 days, it is time to talk to a security expert today.


cybersecurity threat remediation

Take the Burden of the Threat Landscape Off

Let Performive Fully Manage your Security Strategy and Operations.

Up-to-Date Prevention through AI and Machine Learning

Even the latest releases and versions of technologies have security vulnerabilities. In a complex cloud environment, OS, device, hardware and software need to be updated immediately after a patch or version release to stay protected against security threats. However, updates can cause incompatible operations, especially in legacy applications. Performive has partnered with several security technologies to learn, detect, and protect the layers of your complex infrastructure leveraging AI, machine learning and automation. Customize your security protection and vulnerability prevention strategy with our experts to keep your environment safe and your operations running smoothly.

Now is the time to prioritize cyber security. Consult with our experts.

If you are interested in Security Monitoring by our Managed Cyber Security experts, reach out to us here.