Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service

Ensure your data is safe and you’re back up and running through any storm, malware attack, ransomware attack, or unplanned downtime.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Disaster Recovery is not just a box to check off on your to-do list—it’s your most crucial investment, and you can’t leave it to chance. Do-It-Yourself Disaster Recovery isn’t good enough anymore, you need an expert on your side to defend your data.

With Performive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), our experts ensure your data is safe and you’re back up and running on time. The true value of Disaster Recovery as a Service is having an expert you can rely on when an incident occurs, to keep calm and execute your disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery as a Service


It’s not about how much DRaaS costs you to implement, it’s about how much it would cost you for every hour you are down. The most critical part of any incident is the ability to get back up and running as quickly as possible. The Performive DR Team is your trusted advisor to ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

We’ll Design a Customized Disaster Recovery Solution to Meet your Needs

Data Protection Strategy - data audit

Security, data protection, and minimizing risk are all benefits of Disaster Recovery – but that doesn’t mean a DR service can’t align with your budget. By choosing an RTO/RPO that matches your industry requirements, your organization and customers will benefit from knowing they will be back up and running in a disaster scenario.

As a cloud and technology services provider that specializes in working with Mid-Sized organizations, we recommend a warm disaster recovery plan as the customizable and affordable option most of our clients prefer.

Performive also offers a hybrid of cold, warm, and hot disaster recovery services so we can customize a DR solution to meet your business needs.

Benefits of Performive’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Managed by Reliable Experts

Add our team of experts to your arsenal backed by 24x7x365 export support. Our engineers have various technology certifications, including multiple accreditations from VMware and Veeam.

The Technology You Trust

We want our customers to have access to the products they’re comfortable with, that’s why we utilize trusted brands including VMware, Veeam, Zerto and IBM as the technological foundation for our DRaaS.

Free Up Your

Performive frees up your team to enhance organizational productivity by taking over the day-to-day mission-critical operations that make up DR, such as backups and security monitoring.

Secure and

Securely seed your replication, protect resting data and meet compliance requirements on Performive’s Cloud Platform.

Multi-Region / Multi-Zone

Multi-region / multi-zone availability geographically separates your DR from your primary environment.

Budget Aligned

From environment sizing to 5 tiers of Disaster Recovery Service, Performive can build a cost-efficient and secure Disaster Recovery Plan.

Failover Testing Included

Yearly failover testing is included with Performive’s Disaster Recovery Service. Test your secondary environment, update your runbook or consult with our expert engineers.

Lean on the Disaster Recovery Experts at Performive

Tell us about your RTO/RPO goals and our consultants will build a customized solution for you.

Disaster Recovery Use Cases

telecom use case

Ransomware Recovery for a Telecom Analytics Provider

Customer Problem

A leading data analytics provider was hit by a ransomware attack right before Memorial Day weekend, putting their IT infrastructure at risk. Refusing to pay the ransom, they urgently sought help to restore their data and ensure business continuity.

Performive Solution

Within an impressive 13 days—delivering a day ahead of schedule—Performive swiftly restored critical services for key clients. They deployed a robust High Availability VM private cloud environment with two Oracle DB clusters, comprehensive offsite backups, and endpoint protection. Additionally, Performive implemented enhanced security measures, fortifying their defenses against future incidents and preserving their brand value and client relationships.

Disaster Recovery Plan for Vulnerable Municipal Utility Client with Tight Budget

Customer Problem

The customer was vulnerable to ransomware attacks without a disaster recovery plan and issued a blind RFP seeking a provider for a comprehensive on-premise and cloud data protection solution. They needed a robust hybrid Disaster Recovery (DR) solution with Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) aligned with operational and financial needs.

Performive Solution

Performive provided the customer with a comprehensive data protection solution, including immutable data copies and rapid restoration capabilities in the case of disaster. This has greatly enhanced their resilience and operational continuity. They now benefit from 24/7 support, ensuring uninterrupted assistance. Consolidating all services under one provider has led to significant budget efficiencies for the customer.

Managed VMware Disaster recovery as a Service Powered by Veeam & Zerto

Veeam Gold Partner Badge

Performive builds secure disaster recovery environments with Enterprise-Grade Veeam Data Protection.

  • Industry-leading backup and restore

  • Continuous Replication and DR featuring Instant Recovery

  • Unified Monitoring and Analytics

We’re here to help you understand the importance of disaster recovery

Our Veeam and VMware engineering experts collaborate with your IT to strategize build your failover environment and Disaster Recovery Runbook. Continuous replication and yearly failover-testing are included in all Performive’s Warm Disaster Recovery as a Service plans. When a disaster is declared, a certified technician is immediately alerted, your organizations reserved VMs are spun up and hydrated with the latest data sets, apps, and workloads per your selected RTO/RPO.

Cold Disaster Recovery is a secure data backup service, often times with VMs reserved incase of an emergency. With Cold DR, the secondary environment needs to be populated with the data and brought online. In a Warm Disaster Recovery Plan, which is the best option for most mid-sized businesses, the secure data backups are pre-seeded to the secondary environment at the RPO specified. With Warm DR, when a disaster scenario occurs, the VMs just need to be brought online. Lastly, a Hot DR environment is a live secondary production environment that mirrors the primary environment.

Disaster Recovery Solutions protect the business from service delivery interruptions and compromised data. The key to building a cost-effective DR plan is carefully determine the criticality of the data sets, workloads, and applications within your organization. To get started, list each data set, workload or app in the the range of RTO/RPO needed for the component. Additionally, list the components’ dependencies, requirements, as well as the current size, licensing, and version.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is a measure of how frequently you take backups and what amount of data (measured in time units) may be lost during failover. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the amount of downtime a business can tolerate and estimates the time it will take to deploy a secondary environment.

Be Prepared for Every Emergency with Performive's Disaster Recovery Solution

What mission-critical applications and data can we help you keep online in the event of an emergency?