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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Get a future-proof plan to keep your business performing through any storm, malware attack, ransomware attack, or unplanned downtime.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recover is the pinnacle element in achieving business continuity. In order to keep your key workloads and applications available during emergency events, including fire, flood, power loss, network loss, or criminal attack, a disaster recovery plan replicates your mission-critical workloads and data in a secondary environment that can be activated within specific RTO/RPO timelines. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The Only Thing that Should be Unplanned about Downtime, is the Downtime Itself

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is designed to provide a large-scale action plan for restoring critical data and getting systems and applications back online in the event of a computing outage. Veeam’s efficient, image-based replication duplicates your critical workloads and ensures seamless failover with minimal data loss and downtime. No matter your recovery objectives, there is a flexible and secure disaster recovery plan to get your business back online.

Achieve Always-On with Performive Disaster Recovery


Multi-region / multi-zone availability geographically separates your DR from your primary environment. 

Secure and

Securely seed your replication and meet regularity standards for data availability.


Customizable recovery point and time objectives to suit your availability needs.


Each of our US-based support staff dedicates their expertise 24x7x365 to one ticket at a time.

We’ll Help You Make the Best Out of the Worst

Chat with us about your RTO/RPO goals for a quote.

Managed VMware DRaaS Powered by Veeam

Veeam Platnium Partner for Backups and DR

Our flexible DRaaS platform, powered by VMware, enables you to either manage virtual DR resources through your vCloud Director interface or use our VMware and Veeam certified engineers for best practice guidance or full management. Eliminate the costs and headaches that are associated with managing DR failover and recovery plans with DRaaS for physical and virtual workloads.

When Was a Disaster Recovery Solution Needed?

Disaster Recovery Use Case

Headquarters is in Hurricane Zone Use Case

Customer Problem

Our customer was already using Veeam Cloud Backups Managed by Performive but wanted to finally implement a full Disaster Recovery Solution – after years of consideration. 

Performive Solution

With Veeam already in use, the Performive design architects seamlessly extended their VMwarebased cloud environment to support a disaster recovery plan using the same trusted tools they use today.  

disaster recovery use case with veeam

Meeting Client’s Expectations Use Case

Customer Problem

Our customer, in insurance and risk consulting, has client obligations to have data to be restored quickly in the event of a disaster. To meet these client commitments, the company has RPO/RTO goals of 24 hours. 

Performive Solution

After reaching out via our website chat, our solutions team consulted to provide a Disaster Recovery architecture that would meet their needs and budget. The customer can now meet all client expectations, no matter the scenario.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Content is King Use Case

Customer Problem

A customer that provides online content to media outlets needed to implement DR with minimal investment in infrastructure to provide content services in the event of downtime.

Performive Solution

Perfomive’s technical team built a disaster recovery plan and run book for the client’s VMware Private Cloud, powered by Veeam.

Be Prepared for Every Emergency with Performive DRaaS

What mission-critical applications and data can we help you keep online in the event of an emergency?