Managed Cloud

It’s not the cloud. With Performive, it is your cloud.

Managed Cloud Portfolio by Performive

Each of our managed clouds come with 24×7 support and the ability to lean on our bleeding-edge team of talent, which has racked up hundreds of certifications in VMware, AWS, Microsoft, Veeam, CPanel, Magento and more. With more than 20 global locations, your cloud strategy can be available in the region you need it the most.

VMware Cloud

Virtual Private Clouds, or Virtual Private Data Centers, are VMware-powered clouds that offer configurable computing, storage and networking in a secure, managed, and scalable environment.

Bare Metal Cloud

For companies that like to keep control and use their own in-house skillsets, bare metal clouds provide performance, cost-optimization, and on-demand configuration of resources.

Managed AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Hyperscale clouds can offer unbeatable pricing for burstable or temporary workloads, as well as offer an ideal environment to innovate new applications. Performive offers our certified, expert skillset to extend your teams’ abilities in AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds.

Private Cloud

The cloud of choice for complex architectures or those who need to meet compliance standards is the Dedicated Private Cloud, which is hosted on dedicated hardware.

Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Architecture

Multicloud is a strategy of best-fit architectures based on your landscape of applications, workloads, and objectives. Take advantage of a single bill, single expert support team, and single account manager in a multiple cloud strategy with Performive.


As part of a Hybrid Cloud or Multicloud strategy, Performive offers Managed Colocation Solutions in 20 locations across the globe. 


Not Sure Which Cloud Is Right For You?

Real Cloud Experts

  • AWS Amazon Wes Services Managed Cloud Experts
  • Managed Google Cloud Experts
  • VMware Cloud Verifiedd
  • Crowdstrike Fully Managed Security

Adventure Into a Performive Managed Cloud

Why Chose a Managed Cloud Over a DIY Cloud?

Managed clouds are advantageous to businesses who need to stay light on internal resources and keep agility as they grow and scale. More than 70 percent of a mid-sized company’s IT staff’s time is spent on routine tasks and maintenance. Modern IT strategies are now shifting, using internal staff resources as an innovation and development house, letting providers pick up the time-consuming tasks and specialty, or single-project, needs.

With a managed cloud, not only is infrastructure built and optimized for your organization’s workloads, applications, and budget, but your cloud is now custom-managed based on your internal resources. You can spin managed service consumption up and down to provide a constant level of performance to your internal stakeholders and end-users.

More Than a Managed Cloud, It’s a Performive Managed Cloud

Most managed cloud providers offer a fixed table of what they do and what they don’t do in a managed infrastructure offering. At Performive, we know that your business is dynamic – and the support you need changes with your growing business. That is why we offer scalable, managed services to our clients. Your organization’s reliance on our internal team of expert architects and support engineers can be turned up and down based on your specific needs.

Performive’s Global Reach

At Performive, the world is within reach. Our global footprint allows our mid-sized company clients to expand their global footprint with ease. Explore our current and soon-to-market location list to choose your managed cloud’s location.

What is the right Multicloud mix for your business? Let's find out on a consultation call.