Devoted Customer Support and Engineering

First of its kind 24x7x365 Devoted Support promise plus scalable engineering assistance.

Three Levels of Support to Keep You Focused on Your Objectives

We are devoted to providing the best customer service and engineering support in the industry. We layer customer support excellence with both managed environment services and expert engineering to always meet our client’s needs no matter what the world throws at them.

Devoted Support

Certified technicians prioritize and dedicate themselves to a single customer request at a time. This single-touch-to-solution approach provides quick response, remediation, and documented solutions unlike any other offered in the industry.

  • Devoted Technician: One ticket at a time, per team member until resolution gives you the prompt, excellent service you expect.
  • 24/7/365: We are always here, every hour, of every day, to support our customers
  • Global: Our Support and Managed Services serve any location in the world – yours, ours or anywhere in-between.
  • Security-Included Philosophy: We provide an essential layer of security for every Performive customer. We just wouldn’t have it any other way.

Devoted Managed Support

Make the most of the investments in your internal IT team by outsourcing routine, maintenance, or specialized skillset tasks to our knowledgeable support technicians. Keep your team focused on driving results for your organization.

  • Extensive Service: View 100+ services included in managed cloud and managed server offerings.
  • Devoted Technician: Our devoted technician philosophy of 1 customer request to 1 team member continues in our managed clouds.
  • Always-On Everywhere: Our around the clock managed support serves any location across the globe – ours, yours or anywhere in-between.
  • Deep Security: Enhanced security offerings are available for Performive managed clouds or add-on managed services.

Devoted Engineering

Devoted Engineering is the technical expertise medium-sized businesses need to be agile and competitive. Rely on Performive’s Engineering Support Team, by the hour, for specialized skillsets and cutting-edge strategic advice to advance your company’s position.

  • Above & Beyond: When you need hands-on help, turn to our certified team of engineers for support. We strategize. We architect. We optimize. All for you.
  • Your Experts: In this first of its kind offering, borrow our in-house expertise by the hour, on-demand as you need it.
  • Scalable: Control IT spend by turning up Devoted Engineering assistance when you need it, and down when you don’t.
  • Cover Gaps: Access specialized and certified skillsets from our Devoted Engineering Team to cover staffing gaps or speed delivery of a project.

Become a Performive Customer with Devoted Support by a team of Certified Technicians and Engineers

  • AWS Amazon Wes Services Managed Cloud Experts
  • Managed Azure Certification
  • Managed Google Cloud Experts
  • VMware Cloud Verifiedd
  • Crowdstrike Fully Managed Security

Make Performive a part of your cloud team with Devoted Support and Engineering Assistance

What support does your business need to drive your company forward?