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Drive performance and streamline management by modernizing your technology stack.

Drive performance and streamline management by modernizing your technology stack.

As a manufacturing or transportation organization not only are you faced with the challenge of keeping up with the rapid rate of digital transformation and modernization—but you are also a prime target for cybercriminals. According to our security partner, CrowdStrike, the manufacturing and transportation industries were the number one target of all ransomware attacks in 2021. At Performive, we understand the challenges you face and have custom-built solutions to improve security, increase agility, deliver to multiple sites, merge technology stacks, and drive your business forward.

IT solutions for Manufacturing

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Manufacturing is the most targeted industry for cyber threats. With the rise in cyberattacks—a reported 82% increase in ransomware-related data leaks in 2021 alone means there’s never been a better time to invest in cybersecurity for the protection of patient data. You need 24/7 monitoring and proactive hunting at every endpoint. Consult with our security experts to develop the best security stance for your organization.

Data Protection

For transportation and manufacturing organizations—downtime is simply not an option. You customers rely on you, and often even require you to have guaranteed uptime. When logistics are in play, even the slightest disruption could have catastrophic effect. Our data protection experts can craft a strategy that enables seamless failover and meets RTO/RPO goals – delivering you the uptime guarantees you need.

Professional Services

Professional Service engagements can be instrumental in creating and executing a strategy for IT transformation and modernization. Performive Devoted Engineering team offers on-demand resources to extend your team and empower projects from, cloud adoption and migration, to ensuring your environment is secure and optimized.

Private Cloud

Performive Private Clouds give you both security and virtualization. Each Performive Private Cloud environment is powered by VMware technology making it highly secure and easy to manage.

Manufacturing & Transportation Use Case for Managed Cloud & Services

Data Availability Across Multiple Locations

The manufacturing client had many locations across the globe and would distribute orders between locations to minimize transportation costs. However, each location’s operations were set up differently causing issues in accessibility and the protection of data.  The goal was to align and implement a data protection strategy at 50 rural sites with limited IT resources and network bandwidth.

Performive introduced a single data protection strategy using Veeam, which would solve for both an onsite backup tool and or off-site cloud backups. The Performive team supported and advised the client through multiple phases of strategy improvements, working to standardize and document the backup process and secure the architecture of multiple sites. The Performive team now manages backups, new deployments, retirements, and troubleshooting Veeam Onsite Backups at over 50 of the customer’s sites.

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