Data Protection

For mission-critical workloads and applications, downtime is not an option. Guarantee availability with Performive’s Data Protection solutions.

What is Data Protection?

Data Protection is an umbrella term used to encompass infrastructure services that protect your data from disruption or loss. These include; Cloud Backup as a Service, Managed Onsite Backup, Office 365 Backup, and Disaster Recovery as a Service. They create replications and fail-over environments, so when unforeseen downtime strikes your business, you can continue to seamlessly provide the service your end-users and employees rely on.

What is Data Protection

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Performive’s Suite of Data Protection Products

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our flexible DRaaS platform, powered by VMware and Veeam, enables you to either manage virtual DR resources through your vCloud Director interface or use our VMware and Veeam certified engineers for best practice guidance or full management. Eliminate the costs and headaches that are associated with managing DR failover and recovery plans with Performive DRaaS for physical and virtual workloads.

Cloud Backup as a Service

No matter where your data resides, our team enables cloud-based data protection by connecting your physical and virtual Veeam backups to a Performive repository. Your Veeam backup is replicated to our highly secure cloud via an encrypted connection powered by Veeam Cloud Connect. The Performive Cloud scales to accommodate the capacity of your data so that you can meet your business requirements with ease.

Managed Onsite Backups 

Our certified engineers manage your onsite Veeam backups, ensuring the highest levels of data protection. Don’t have infrastructure to spare for a local backup? We can deploy a fully managed appliance directly into your facility to protect your data locally. For added protection, we can replicate your onsite Veeam backups to our highly available Performive Cloud via Veeam Cloud Connect. 

Microsoft 365 Backups 

The agility of Microsoft Office 365 allows your organization to work from anywhere, at any time, and forego the task of hosting. Even though Microsoft hosts the emails and files, you still have the responsibility of ensuring they are securely backed up. Seamlessly integrate Veeam backup with your Office 365 environment and Veeam Cloud Connect will backup to Performive’s highly secure cloud, saving you time on management and protecting from potential data loss. 

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