Security Monitoring

Continuously analyze network traffic to identify suspicious or unauthorized behaviors and trigger a threat alert. 

Always-on technology that actively monitors your environment for early signs of vulnerabilities or threats

Security Monitoring, also known as “security information monitoring” or “security event monitoring,” is the 24/7/365 process of collecting and analyzing all network traffic and identifying suspicious or unauthorized behaviors. Businesses are exposed to innumerable security threats each day, these threats vary in severity and include hackers, malware, employee error, vulnerable devices, outdated operating systems, and more. If undetected, any one of these threats has the potential to negatively affect your organization’s operations, causing downtime or data loss. Security monitoring ensures any suspicious traffic instantaneously triggers an alert so remediation action can be taken.

Security Monitoring

How Organizations Benefit from Security Monitoring

The security and availability of your network is imperative for organizational success. Explore the ways in which Security Monitoring protects your business from costly downtime and data loss:

  • Network intrusion detection and monitoring that works 24/7/365—even for offline devices.

  • A lightweight, cloud-delivered security agent, which has little effect on resource usage.

  • Prevent & mitigate Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS).

  • Protect non-traditional endpoints and devices—critical manufacturing and medical devices—that can be vulnerable to network attacks.

  • Automation that hunts cyber threats, data breaches, and behavior-based Indicators of Attack (IOAs).

  • Provides visibility across your entire network, analyzing network traffic and hunting for threats.

  • The visibility to know who is connected to your network at any time.

  • Backed by Performive’s team of experienced security analysts who are monitoring 24/7/365.

Automation defined security monitoring

In-house Security Monitoring is tedious, time-consuming, and let’s face it—less effective. Your team diligently combs through logs and alerts, but human error is inevitable and eventually, something will slip through. Our cloud-based monitoring technology uses machine learning and automation to recognize any potential threat or vulnerability and triggers an alert. Security Monitoring automation is constantly adapting—as the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated—it does as well.

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