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The Resources You Need to Solve Issues

One size does not fit all. At Performive, we were born in the cloud and also in technology. We speak techie. As the need for technology solutions multiple across all business lines in mid-sized organizations, internal IT teams will never have enough resources to manage it all in-house, nor have the time to keep up with the changing skills required. At Performive, we team with growing businesses to fill the gap, temporarily or for the long haul. We lend our certified hands, we commit to training your team, or we take over operations of your environment – all to give you the resources needed to be successful. Reach out to us today to start discussing the challenges in your organization that could benefit from an extra, certified expert, hands.

IT Solutions the Resources you need to solve issues

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Performive’s Suite of Solutions

Performive specializes in partnering with mid-sized businesses to solve issues. Our business process, from solution sales to our expert engineering, supportive onboarding, and Devoted Support was built to add resources exactly where your organization needs them most. Explore the common challenges we help companies overcome.

Cybersecurity Solutions

It’s no secret that the most critical piece of any businesses’ IT infrastructure strategy will always be security. With the multitude of ever-evolving, cybersecurity threats in the digital landscape today—everything from malicious attacks to human error—a strong security stance is the best way to ensure the protection of your digital assets.

Remote Work Solutions

Mid-sized organizations need to attract and retain top talent to increase their competitive edge. Desktop as a Service, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and Shared Application Environments can all provide solutions to solve the security risks of your organization’s devices on any network. Which solution best enables your organization to be productive while managing costs?

Data Security Solutions

With cybercrimes up 600%, organizations need to have a strategic plan to secure and protect their most important asset: data. Our engineering experts agree that security strategies should be layered for maximum protection. Performive offers several technology solutions and services to improve your organization’s security stance. If protecting data is your organization’s top priority, start researching solutions here.

IT Transformation and Modernization

IT Transformation and Modernization is a solution to improve, ease, and unburden IT operations throughout future roadmaps. In an increasingly digital and competitive market, businesses across the globe need to modernize their infrastructure foundations to scale and be agile for future technology advancements. The outcome is an internal technical team devoted to innovation rather than being reactive and inflexible.

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