Endpoint Security for Remote Work

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Securing Endpoints in Remote Work

Endpoint protection is typically the first place an organization focuses when securing remote workers. Endpoint security has evolved from simple antivirus software to comprehensive protection (see Managed Security Solutions). Today’s security solutions featuring endpoint protection are designed to quickly detect, analyze, block, and contain attacks.

The key to endpoint protection is securing every device with access to internal environments from laptops, phones, network devices, and more: If a device is connected to the network, it is considered an endpoint. With only 39% of threats being detected by most anti-virus products, companies should invest in secure remote work strategies with technology certified experts.

Performive’s Remote Workforce Solutions will intrinsically contain security services to keep your workforce, and the devices on your network, protected. Additional Security Services to threat hunt and remediate attacks are also recommended and available at Performive.

Secure devices with endpoint security

Explore Remote Work Solutions with Endpoint Security

Desktop as a Service

Performive’s DaaS solution offers dedicated resources per instance – a performance improvement over traditional shared resource desktop as a service offerings. By allocating dedicated resources, productivity is ensured in each instance so employees stay engaged—even at home. Learn more about Performive’s Desktop as a Service.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Today the terms Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are interchangeable. Traditionally, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was a hardware/software solution that was implemented on-site by an internal IT team. Check out more from Performive on Fully Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions.

Shared Application & Remote Desktop Session (RDS)

The Remote Workforce Solutions don’t always have to serve every user with an individual instance. Mid-sized organizations often need solutions for shared resources such as applications or workloads to manage costs. Contact us to see if an application virtualization solution like RDS is right for your organization.

Fully Managed Security Services

Whether your employees are WFH, on-site, or remote, a fully managed security solution will protect your organization from threats as well as provide detection alerts. Learn more about adding security expertise to your team with Fully Managed Security Services.

Protect and Secure Your Remote Workforce

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