Performance of Remote Workforce Solutions

Ensure performance in Remote Workforce Solutions with dedicated resources per instance. Make the comparison between shared and dedicated.

Evaluating the Performance of Remote Work Solutions

A majority of employers agree that allowing for remote work is now a prerequisite for attracting and retaining talent. This shift pressures businesses across the globe to deliver long-term solutions for secure remote work. Here is how Gartner defines the challenge to IT leaders – “IT must be able to quickly scale infrastructure and allow instant access to mission-critical apps and data, without compromising security and user experience.”

Remote Workforce Solutions vary widely in the way they deliver performance, security, and ultimately employee satisfaction. As your organization researches the right remote workforce solution, dive into the types of resource allocation. DaaS or VDI instances are typically delivered in one of two ways. First, and most common, is a shared resource pool that serves many instances. During peak work times or priority projects, the resources in the pool are fought over, leaving some with poor performance, long lag times, and lost productivity. Dedicated resource DaaS or VDI is another way to provide a remote workforce solution. By allocating each instance its own resources there is never a battle between users for compute. Which remote workforce solution will be right for your organization? Consult with our engineering team to learn more.

Improved Outcomes with Dedicated Resources vs Shared Resources

Other Remote Desktop solutions rely on a shared virtual environment causing performance issues, productivity decreases, and dissatisfaction for the users. Since ‘Perform’ is in our name, our solution delivers dedicated resources per desktop. View the benefits of our Remote Work Solution featuring dedicated resources per user:

• Each instance delivers consistent performance and speed. Choose from three bundles per instance so that power users have access to the dedicated performance they need.

• Top-of-the-line hardware, including GPU processors are used in our VDI & DaaS environments, ensuring outstanding performance and breathtakingly fast delivery to employees.

• Our solutions are fully managed by certified expert engineers, or you can opt for a custom managed solution, where your internal team retains control of select services.

• Security is intrinsic end-to-end throughout all virtual and physical components. Additional end-point protection can be integrated into the solution.

Dive into a Desktop as a Service Solution to Solve Remote Workforce Performance

Remote Work Solutions that Save

A study by VMware revealed that 53% of all companies who implement a remote workforce solution found significant cost savings over their traditional model. And the savings continued with time savings reported at 54%. Let’s review how a remote workforce solution reduces the burden on an organization:

Easy Provisioning

Familiar Tools

Licensing Handled

Scalable and Automated

Support Included

Device Savings & Life Extension

Compute Performance

Network Performance

Simple Employee Onboarding

No Hardware Maintenance

Protect and Secure Your Remote Workforce

Consult with our certified expert engineers on the remote workforce solution that is right for your organization.