IT Spend Optimization Consultation

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The Need for IT Spend Optimization

Companies that take a strategic approach to cloud adoption can avoid overspending and make the most of their cloud investments. There is no one way to optimize IT spend. Each organization’s path to controlling cloud spend is going to be different based on workload compatibility, size of environment, performance needs, future scaling, as well as compliance or regulatory needs.

Almost All Businesses Are Overspending

Mid-sized businesses need to keep a close eye on their cloud computing costs. TechTarget calculated that 80% of organizations will overspend IaaS budgets due to a lack of cost optimization. This has led 64% of organizations to pledge to complete an IT Spend Optimization project this year. Common reasons to overspend include oversized instances, overprovisioning, improper storage selection for data type, and charges for traffic or data.

How will my Organization Benefit from an IT Spend Optimization Consultation?

An IT Spend Optimization Consultation could help your team understand the next best step by determining:

  • Is an all-in cloud strategy cost-efficient or does a multi-cloud strategy provide more performance for the cost?

  • Is hyperscale a good fit for your organization? Are your applications and workloads compatible in a hyperscale cloud environment or do they need to be refactored (and at what cost)?

  • Can you meet your customer’s expectations or industry regulations in a public cloud or is a private cloud better for your organization?

  • Can your team migrate to the cloud of choice or will you need additional skills/certifications or expertise during the migration?

  • If you move your environment are there additional or reduced licensing costs for your applications and workloads? Does the move require you to layer on third-party management or SaaS solutions at an additional cost?

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We have optimized IT spend for thousands of global businesses. Consult with our experts.

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