Cloud Migration Consultation

As you transform your IT strategy, moving to the cloud or from cloud to cloud is a risky expedition. Avoid downtime, data loss, and decreased productivity with technical expertise from Performive’s Devoted Engineering Team.

Migrate to the Cloud with Expertise

Whether your business is moving from an on-premise environment to the cloud or moving from one cloud to another, Cloud Migrations are projects requiring detailed planning and a security strategy. Mitigate the risk of data loss, inoperability, or downtime by engaging Performive’s Devoted Engineering Team to manage your cloud migration project.

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Why Should Your Business Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migration projects are a popular strategy to gain efficiencies inside the organization. The catalysts for moving are often performance gains, cost efficiency, scalability, agility, ease of maintenance/operability, and compatibility of applications. What are the 5 most common drivers for migrating to the cloud?

Cost Reduction

While some cloud migrations reduce costs, not all do. It is important to carefully plan the migration and utilization of resources to manage future costs. Proven expertise in finding cloud migration cost efficiencies is a specialty of Performive’s Devoted Engineering Team.

Time to Market

As companies embark on improving their products and services through digital enhancements, time to market becomes an issue. Legacy infrastructure and applications can cause lag in deployment, reducing a company’s competitive position and increasing customer churn rates. Refactoring and modernization initiatives can often be incorporated in cloud migration projects resulting in faster time to market and a competitive advantage.

Operational Efficiency

Power, space, cooling, security, and patching are all labor, time, and cost concerns to running your environment on-premise. Time savings are reported as the greatest benefit to cloud migrations, freeing up resources to focus on innovation rather than on maintenance.

Improve Agility and Gain Consistency

Legacy workloads, applications, and environments can lead to growing technical debt. Performive can help your organization identify a cloud platform that will increase your agility to adopt efficiencies of future technologies while ensuring the compatibility of your critical workloads today.

Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration with Performive


Team with our Expert Engineers for a thorough assessment of every data set, app, workload, and an inventory of your current resources.


Map the current environment to the future recommended environment, planning for a smooth transition that avoids downtime during migration.


Before a migration project is started, our experts avoid risk by replicating your current environment. Failover to the secondary environment will be orchestrated for you in the event an unforeseen issue arises in the migration.

Stand Up & Staging

Your new environment is populated with the required resources. Workloads and applications are staged and tested before your data is populated.

Data Transfer

Performive’s Devoted Engineering Team will have communicated the best strategy to seed your new environment with your data and avoid a lengthy, resource-draining data transfer.

Testing & Production

Once quality assurance testing is completed, your cloud migration project is fully handed over to your team ready.

Lean on Performive's Expertise to Build Your IT Future

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