IT Transformation and Modernization

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Build a Better Future with IT Transformation

Mid-sized companies across the globe are committing to IT Transformation. In an increasingly digital and competitive market, businesses across the globe need to modernize their infrastructure foundation to scale while enabling agility for future technology advancements. The outcome of successful IT Transformation is an internal technical team devoted to innovation rather than being reactive and inflexible.

Leverage our engineering team and our technology leaders to help craft your IT Operations strategy for today and for the future. Performive provides Devoted Engineering, an on-demand professional services offering, as well as multiple layers of Devoted Support.

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Cloud Migrations

Consolidating resources in the cloud is often an important step in IT Transformation. Learn more about the drivers to the cloud and the beneficial outcomes.

Cloud Security Strategy

Develop your organization’s security strategy with certified experts. Optionally add full security management of your  IT operations.

IT Spend Optimization

Control sprawl and cloud spending with an IT Spend Optimization Consultation. Our experts assess your environments, workloads, applications, and data for efficiency.

Professional Services

Engage our team of certified technology experts to consult on or take over a critical project for your organization.

IT Transformation Frequently Asked Questions

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IT Transformation Use Cases

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Frequently Asked Questions About IT Transformation and Modernization Projects

Learn more about how Performive can be your guide in developing a strategic IT Transformation plan that increases your competitive advantage through digital efficiencies. 

What is IT Transformation?

IT Transformation is an internal reorganization or rebuilding of environments, policies, workloads, apps, and data to create a flexible, scalable, agile, and secure platform for the business to run on. IT Transformation benefits more than just the IT department increasing secure access to data that benefits all employees.

What are the Benefits of IT Transformation?

IT Transformation can improve security in remote work situations, improve data availability, minimize maintenance and patching of systems/infrastructure, reduce the number of apps/subscriptions needed to operate, and more resource-saving benefits.

What is Workload and App Modernization?

Performive’s Devoted Engineering team can consult as well as take on full projects to modernize the apps and workloads within your environment. Through modernization, legacy workloads can integrate with new ones, connect to new data types, and perform better in the cloud. Reach out to schedule your IT Transformation or App Modernization Consultation.

Use Cases for IT Transformation Consultations

Use Case 1 | Using Data as Knowledge


Legacy apps, workloads, and data organization are making it difficult for the organization to serve customers’ needs with speed and accuracy as well as leaving revenue on the table through a lack of renewal and service add-ons.


An IT Transformation Consultation identified a secure solution to data share across platforms and environments. Performive Experts made an architecture recommendation with security and data protection best practices integrated within the solution, so as to not expose the organization to increased risk during these strategic changes.

Use Case 2 | Mergers and Acquisitions


The company’s recent growth via acquisition is making it more difficult to run internal operations. Not only are the core business operations run through different systems, one set relies on a VMware foundation while the other is Hyper-V.


An IT Transformation Consultation found a solution for today that offered consistent management for both Hyper-V and VMware operations. The team also outlined the road map for future migrations that would benefit the company with increased consistency and efficiency.

Lean on Performive's Expertise to Build Your IT Future

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