Disaster Recovery Planning

Is your organization in need of a Disaster Recovery Plan or Service as a part of your Data Security Strategy? Dive into the benefits of consulting with experts on DR Planning.

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91% of IT Pros shave experienced a tech-related business disruption in the past two years (IDC, State of IT Resilience Report). All businesses strive for complete business continuity meaning that in any scenario, the business would operate as usual. However, for many mid-size businesses we serve at Performive, reaching that goal is comprised of achieving multiple milestones one at a time.

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, with an up-to-date runbook, is the peak in the business continuity journey. We would love to meet your organization and discuss your current data landscape and operations. We can walk through maturity in data access, data backups, data availability, data replication, data security, and developing a plan for operating in a disaster scenario.

Disaster Recovery Planning

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Business Values of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Consult with Experts on Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Documented Data Protection strategy and recovery plan

  • Threat protection regardless of internal staff availability or skillset

  • Predictable monthly cost versus the large capital or varying expense of DIY DR

  • Included yearly failover testing and solution review to ensure changes in your environment are protected

  • Flexible solution can change as your needs change

  • 24/7/365 Support and access to certified, expert engineers on-demand

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