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With cybercrimes up 600%, organizations need to have a strategic plan to secure and protect their most important asset: data. Our engineering experts agree that security strategies should be layered for maximum protection. On this site, we dive into remote workforce security, endpoint security, and a fully managed security service. However, in this solution section, we will be focusing on protecting your organization’s data.

Cybercrime reports continue to rise

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Data Protection Strategy

Learn more about how to start building a data protection strategy that fits your organization with certified data protection experts.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Is Disaster Recovery the right Data Security Solution for your organization? View our DR Planning Page to learn more.

Ransomware Protection

Learn the impact and costs of Ransomware for mid-sized businesses and how Performive can help provide solutions.

Compliance Adherence

Achieve full compliance by strategizing your IT Operations with Performive’s certified expert engineers.

Why is the Demand for Data Security Growing?

Traditionally, organizations have looked at data protection solutions such as disaster recovery as an insurance policy for an ‘if it happens’ scenario, often not approving budgets that would provide for true business continuity. As digital commerce transformed and statistics of data theft grew, the demand for data protection solutions skyrocketed. In many cases, our clients’ customers required data security standards in order to commit to long-term, large contracts. Data security strategies are not only implemented to avoid costly compliance penalties, companies with the strongest data security features are gaining competitive advantage, market share, and revenue.

Considerations of Data Security

As you complete the steps to a cohesive Data Security Strategy, consider these areas regarding your data:

Access to Data

Controlling app, workload, and personal access to data is foundational to a strong data security strategy. Identity Access Management (IAM) is one of the features of Performive’s Managed Security Solution and Managed Devoted Support. Learn best-practice data architecture and IAM policy strategy on a consultation call with Performive’s certified expert engineers.

Encryption of Data

Your team should know when and where data is encrypted, whether it is at rest or in transit, to ensure that sensitive data is protected at all times. With the average dwell times of a data breach lasting over 100 days, your Performive solution experts can recommend the best data protection strategy for primary, secondary, and tertiary data sets within your environment.

Data Storage

With data multiplying every year, the cost of data storage is also a concern for many of our mid-sized customers. While it may be easy (or cheap) to store data in the cloud, will it be easy (or cheap) to migrate that data when it is needed? Get best practice advice on budget-conscious, yet secure data storage options on a call with our team.

Data Retention

An often overlooked detail in Data Protection Strategies is SaaS or App Data Retention Policies. The majority of mid-sized businesses rely on Microsoft’s suite of business applications. However, standard settings within this and many other commonly used SaaS applications, will only keep archived data or store backups for 30 days. We have helped hundreds of clients improve their data retention policies to protect business continuity and meet compliance requirements.

Data Replication

When a backup of your company’s mission-critical data is in storage, can it be edited or over-written? Immutable data backups can protect your organization in the event the primary data set is compromised. Traditional data backup solutions, over-wrote clean data with compromised data, leaving the backups valueless. Performive offers data backups, replication, and data recovery services powered by the combination of leading enterprise-grade technologies, Veeam and VMware.

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