Cloud Security Strategy

Secure your organization’s future with advice from certified cybersecurity experts with a Cloud Security Strategy Consultation.

The Biggest Security Risk is Assuming the Organization is Secure

Far too often organizations make the assumption that their SaaS provider, application provider, or cloud platform is keeping them secure. Failing to take ownership of the organization’s security could lead to data loss, system breaches, and business-halting attacks. With remote work policies becoming the norm, organizations now have to protect access to systems not only on-prem but anywhere in the world. As the threat landscape changes daily, adding Performive’s certified cloud security expertise to your team will improve the detection of events, control over incidents, and stop cybersecurity breaches.

A Cloud Security Consultation is the first step to developing your organization’s cloud security stance. Additionally, Performive offers a Fully Managed Security Solution proven to detect and quarantine security issues across any device, in any location across the globe.

What are the benefits of a Cloud Security Consultation?

During your Cloud Security Consultation, your environment, applications, workload, and data storage will be reviewed to assess risk in your organization’s architecture. A consultation could highlight gaps in your security program including:

  • SaaS data protection or retention gaps

  • Failure to meet industry regulations or compliance standards

  • Non-encrypted private or critical data

  • Faulty Identity Access Management

  • Infrastructure architecture security issues

  • Remote access security issues

  • Weak control plain and poor visibility

Looking for Fully Managed Security Solutions?

If your organization needs more than just a consultation, learn more about our fully managed security service.

Cloud Security Consultation versus Managed Security Solution

What is the difference between a Cloud Security Consultation and a Managed Security Service? A Cloud Security Consultation is a professional services engagement to assess your organization’s current areas of vulnerability. These findings could help your organization calculate the value of adding a managed or self-run security solution to your IT Operations. Alternately, a Managed Security Service will start remediating your security issues the day it is deployed, actively alerting your organization to malware, viruses, compromised data already existing in your environment or that enters your environment any day after your service begins. To learn more about Performive’s Managed Security Service, continue exploring here.

Lean on Performive's Expertise to Secure IT Operations

If you are interested in consulting with our security experts to assess your IT Operations, reach out to us here.