Performive Security Services

A comprehensive collection of security technologies bundled into three levels.

The Performive Security Philosophy

Our No. 1 priority? Safeguarding your mission-critical IT assets. No matter what size customer you are – we provide a security solution right for your needs today and tomorrow. Explore Performive’s three levels of security for your growing security needs.

managed cloud security services

Performive Core Security

The essential security package we wouldn’t let our customers be without which is included in all infrastructure services.

Performive Managed Security

Security team members alert you and perform proven remediation solutions.

Custom Security Services

Our engineers are experts in designing, implementing, and managing secure technology stacks.

From core to customizable, explore our security offerings

Performive Core Security

It starts with physical and biometric security at our data center and continues to locked cages and background checks on our data center staff and continues with rigid account access control, private network segmentation, and much more.

  • 24×7 Physical Security
  • Private Networks and Segmentation
  • Account Security
  • Threat Detection

Your Remote Security Team is Included in Performive Managed Security

Included within managed server and managed cloud environments, Performive Managed Security is a comprehensive security approach which encompasses fundamental physical, network, account, server, and application-level security. When a threat or issue arises the certified security technicians alert you immediately with a best-practice remediation plan.

Managed Security Features and Highlights:

  • Isolated Security Zones
  • OS Hardening, OS Patching and Updates
  • Microsegmentation
  • Web Firewall Application Management*

Comprehensive and Customized Managed Security Offerings

When your data requires a deep security solution, rely on our team to customize a security regimen with additional security and data protection offerings from Performive.

Additional Security Offerings include:

  • DDoS mitigation
  • In-Transit Data Encryption
  • Managed IDS
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance Services
  • Disaster Recovery & Backups as a Service

Have security questions or concerns?

Our security experts are standing by.

Step Your Way into a Sophisticated Security Strategy

Explore the features of all three security offerings. Our 24x7x365 Devoted Support Team supports 100+ additional services for Performive customers.

Performive Security Features Devoted Security Devoted Managed Service Add On Security Service
24/7 Trained Security Staff
Badge & Biometric Physical Security
Private Networks
Multi Factor Authentication
Event Logging
Password Vault Security
Network Anomaly Detection
Realtime Threat Protection & Detection
Private VLans for Network Segmentation
GDPR Compliant
Isolated Security Zones or DMZ
Software Firewall
OS Updates & Patching
OS Hardening
Micro Segmentation
Web Application Firewall (WAF) ✓*
Data Encryption (In Transit)
DDoS Protection
SSL Certificates
Managed IDS
Managed Backups
Disaster Recovery

*Most WAF Services are Included in Devoted Managed Security

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