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What is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

In a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment a hypervisor segments resources and hardware into virtual machines which host the virtual desktops and deploy them to employees, boundless of physical location. To many, VDI as a term is interchangeable with Desktop as a Service (DaaS). However, Gartner defines VDI as an On-Prem solution to deliver remote workspaces, while Desktop as a Service is a secure, cloud solution.

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Why Choose Performive VDI

Performive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is powerful, highly secure, easy to manage, and comes at a competitive price that is predictable month to month. Environments are built for performance, utilizing high-quality components like GPU processors and allocating dedicated resources per user’s workspace.

With Performive VDI, you empower members of your organization to connect securely from any device, any platform or any location and provide a high-performance user experience that enables productivity.


Our team of VMware Expert Engineers work as an extension of your internal team. Architecting physical hardware, configuring network, handling licensing and creating a customized desktop image that can be cloned by your team. There’s complete flexibility in management, your team can pick and choose what you’d like to manage and leave the rest to us.


Costs per seat are reasonable and predictable month to month. As long as you maintain the minimum number of seats for your tier, you can spin up/down additional seats at a consistent cost per seat monthly as headcount fluctuates. Costs include dedicated resources PER user or seat, intrinsic security, and bandwidth.


Performive VDI is built for high-performance. Top-of-the-line hardware, including GPU processors, are used in VDI environment to ensure breathtakingly fast and reliable delivery to users. Each user or seat is allocated a pool of dedicated resources ensuring they always have the compute and processing power they require.


Security is intrinsic end-to-end throughout all virtual and physical components. MFA, group polices, identity management, and encryption are included in all VDI environments, and additional features like single sign-on or OS hardening can be added to help you meet special security requirements. Through VCD you have visibility into and control of the security features of your virtual environment. See more of what is included in Performive’s Desktop as a Service Solution.

Dedicated Compute VDI starting at $49 per user per month

Features of Performive VDI

Custom Standard Image Creation
Windows and VMware Licensing
Control Plane Maintenance
Infrastructure Availability (Compute & Storage) Administration
Infrastructure (Server & Storage, Server Backup)
Hosting Environment (Floor space, Power, Cooling & physical security)
Connectivity (WAN Access)
Network Security (VPN) & Firewall (NSX)

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