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Shared Application Access, or Remote Desktop Session (RDS), as a Remote Work Solution

Remote Workforce Solutions aren’t always delivered 1:1. At Performive, we listen to our customers, analyze the problem areas, and deliver a solution customized for their needs. Remote access to mission-critical applications was a challenge for one of our customers. Read the case study below to learn how Team Performive modified a Desktop as a Service solution to provide cost-efficient access to a shared application through an RDS strategy.

Non-Profit Remote Work Solution Shared Application

Customer Story: Virtual Application Access through RDS

Customer Problem

The Performive customer has up to 600 part-time users that access a set of applications (time and attendance, financial apps, etc.) to support their organization. The solution needed to fit within their current HIPAA Compliant environment, with security being a key driver. Another key driver for the customer was keeping costs down to maximize their mission’s impact.

Performive Solution

The Performive Engineering team proposed a modified DaaS solution to set up 100 instances to host their key applications, they could cost-effectively support logins to their operations and minimize license costs. Performive started the project by migrating their old environment, transitioning over 50 locations to our Cloud Platform. The next step of the solution consisted of a Virtual Private Cloud, Backups, and SD-WAN to connect all of their locations. Powerful virtual servers were deployed to deliver the client’s key applications. One hundred workspaces were delivered in a shared resource model. Active and automated backups of all workspaces were been implemented and are currently managed by the Performive Devoted Support Team. The migration, environment setup, DaaS deployment, networking configuration, and onboarding were completed in less than 30 days.

Customer Outcome

The customer has commented that they are seeing an increase in speed and performance, as well as emailing their implementation team the following: “Our entire infrastructure is now running at Performive. It’s also running really well. I can’t thank everyone enough for the effort. I am over the moon with how well everything went.” The customer also saved over $80,000 on licensing costs with the Performive Solution. The client and Performive are now working on a Disaster Recovery solution to fully replicate their environment in a region outside of the host region.

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