DDoS Detection & Mitigation

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What are Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyber-attack that renders your website inaccessible. DDoS attacks are waged by malicious entities utilizing a network of compromised systems called a BOTNet. A DDoS attack floods the network with useless traffic and blocks legitimate traffic from accessing your website.

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Why Performive DDoS Detection & Mitigation?

The Performive DDoS Detection & Mitigation solution combines enterprise-grade technology with our Devoted Support team personally delivering fast remediation to alerts. Aroundtheclock intelligent monitoring of your environment allows your customer traffic to be prioritized, while any attack traffic is detected, filtered, and blocked. Providing reliable protection that ensures the availability of your website and a consistent customer experience. Our network-based DDoS attack detection and mitigation services can be rapidly implemented because they required no baseline traffic profile learning period, the heuristics-based engine leverages behavioral analysis to track and rate-limit L2-L4 attacks and zero-day network DDoS attacks.


5 Key Benefits of Performive’s DDoS Detection & Mitigation Service:  

  • 24x7x365 Devoted Support and access to an online portal to view attack reports and logs

  • Real-time network monitoring and intelligence

  • Unique Java Script validation techniques that detect and block bots, protection against UDP, SYN, HTTP floods

  • 65Tbps+ total capacity

  • Infrastructure layer protection

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How Performive DDoS Detection & Mitigation Works

When an incoming DDoS attack is detected, our system reroutes incoming traffic through our DDoS mitigation system. The DDoS mitigation system, a network of advanced intelligent scrubbing devices embedded in the Performive IP network, then isolates attack traffic and allows only clean, inbound traffic to pass through to your server. The incoming transit is devoid of all attack traffic which keeps your content visible, cart and checkouts functioning, and allows new customers to get to your site.

Performive DDoS Detection & Mitigation plans are billed based on the amount of clean, inbound traffic your business needs to maintain in the event of a DDoS attack. Regardless of the size of an attack, the amount of traffic you specify in your service agreement will reach your site uninterrupted.

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