Content Delivery Network

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What is a Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a geographically diverse network of proxy servers located in data centers worldwide. Snapshots of your content are housed in global Points of Presence (PoPs), the snapshots stand-by ready to reliably deliver to end-users at an unmatched speed. When end-users access redundant content from a PoP, rather than directly from your server, it takes the load off your production server, improving performance and security.

Content Delivery Network

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Content Delivery Network Services not only increases content delivery speed and content quality, it protects your web applications with an additional layer of security. The Performive CDN service includes 1TB bandwidth per month, unlimited sites and requests, our 20+ global PoPs, private Edge SSL Certificate per site, SSL traffic and network layer DDoS protection. Additional bandwidth can be added to our CDN service.


Learn How a CDN Will Benefit your Business Operations and Customer Satisfaction

Incredible User Experience 

With data center presence in 20+ key markets worldwide, we get your content closer to users and provide lightningfast load times what will keep them engaged.  

Performance All-Around 

When your content is deployed from our global PoPs, it takes the load off your production servers, further optimizing your performance, speed and uptime. 


With CDN, users retrieve your content from Performive PoPsdecreasing the traffic directly to your production server. Less traffic means less risk of a security breach to your environmentFor an additional layer of security explore our DDoS protection and mitigation services.

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