Managed Services & Products

Continue your drive your organization forward with Performive’s managed services and products.

Why Go Managed?

For mid-sized companies who are experiencing growth, the burden can fall disproportionally on the IT team. Frequently, IT is tasked with not only supporting and driving the business forward, but is limited by headcount and resources. That’s where Performive comes in.

Our fully managed services cover a broad array of cloud IT skill sets and solutions to fill in the gaps. From migration to security to disaster recovery, we have Devoted Support Technicians and Engineers ready to support your business’ endeavors to the fullest.

why choose managed cloud services and products

Expand Your Team Without Changing Headcount

Select the perfect mix of managed services to grow your team’s potential.

Performive's Managed Services and Products

Managed Cloud

Each of our managed clouds come with 24×7 support and the ability to lean on our bleeding-edge team of talent, which has racked up certifications in VMware, AWS, Microsoft, Veeam, CPanel, and more. With 20 global locations, your cloud strategy can be available in the region you need it the most.

Managed Security

Performive Managed Security backed by CrowdStrike combines the expertise of Performive’s Devoted Engineering team with the most reliable, cloud-native security technology available today. Learn more about how to protect your organization with Managed Security.

Remote Workforce Enablement

Mid-sized organizations need to retain and attract top talent to increase their competitive edge. Desktop as a Service, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Shared Application Environments can all provide solutions to solve the security risks of your organization’s devices on any network. Which solution best enables your organization to be productive while managing costs?

Data Protection as a Service

At Performive, we have helped hundreds of clients across the globe protect their business-critical data through Data Protection Services. The ideal data protection strategy considers future business growth, modernization plans, and data growth. With data multiplying nearly yearly, a consultation with certified experts in multiple enterprise-grade technologies can find cost-effective options that give you choice – rather than pushing a single, pre-packaged solution.

Professional Services

Our customers usually leverage our Professional Services when they need specialized skills or have a temporary skills gap in their own team. Augmenting your business’s internal IT staff with a trusted team of certified cloud engineers is a cost-efficient solution to deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN helps deliver your content quickly, no matter where your customers are. Performive’s CDN technology is in more than 150 data centers around the world so no matter where your audience happens to be, your content delivery is optimized for performance.

DDoS Mitigation & Protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are a real threat in the digital landscape. Stay ahead of attackers with our mitigation and protection solutions. We’ve partnered with enterprise technologies to give you a best-fit security offering for your data, applications, and workloads.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A web application firewall filters, monitors, and blocks traffic to and from a web application. Proper firewall management requires a great deal of skill and resources to prevent unauthorized access to your infrastructure. Our Dedicated Support technicians will manage, update, and configure to your specifications quickly and efficiently.

SD-WAN and VeloCloud

Software-defined wide area networks utilize software to simplify management and intelligently rout traffic. Our Devoted Engineers, configure and secure your network from a central control plane, saving time while improving agility, performance, and end-user experience.

E-Commerce Cloud Solutions 

All of our e-commerce hosting plans work perfectly with your choice of shopping cart software. If you’re not sure what you need in a shopping cart, get in touch and one of our ecommerce experts will be happy to help you choose what’s right for you.

Explore How Performive Supports Your Managed Service

Cloud and Server Management

There are more than 100 monitoring, optimization, and management services included in our 3 levels of Managed Support. Choose the level of support that best fits your needs and our team will handle the rest.

Customer Support

Each and every one of Performive’s customers gets access to our Devoted Support team. This means, whenever you have a problem or need a little guidance, one of our experienced technicians will see your issue through to resolution before moving onto the next customer.

Managed Security

Performive customers benefit from our always-included security philosophy – meaning essential security is incorporated into our cloud and managed cloud offerings. When dealing with sensitive data that requires more than just the standard security precautions, we have a suite of enhanced security features for client environments.

Rely on Performive for Managed Services

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