VMware Cloud

Performive’s VMware cloud solution is specifically built for growing mid-sized companies that need deep expertise, global reach and hands-on engineering support in their VMware environments. 

What is VMware Cloud?

VMware Cloud is a virtual private cloud environment built on a foundation of VMware technology which delivers multi-regional, secure, software-defined data center provisioning. Our VMware Cloud Solution features single pane of glass management, 24x7x365 certified support and full visibility and role-based access.

Looking for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) powered by a VMware Cloud? Learn more here.

VMware Cloud

Why Choose Performive to Manage your VMware Private Cloud?

We meet our customers where they need us with managed VMware anywhere; whether on-prem, in a 3rd party datacenter, in our cloud, or within any hyperscaler. We simplify IT Operations with no refactoring, no learning curve, easy migrations and easy adoptions. Ensuring our customers have access to the latest and greatest technologies like VMware, while benefiting from the familiarity and simplicity of the Performive Platform, Devoted Support and Engineering.  

On-prem to Cloud Migration Specialists
No More Managing Hardware
Offload Mundane Yet Mission-Critical Tasks
Improved Security and Compliance
We Can Manage your Environment from Anywhere
More Predictable Costs
Single-Pane-of-Glass Management
More Agility & Speed

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VMware Technology Integrated into Performive’s VMware Cloud

VCloud Director Portal

  • Stick with what the team knows: No need to learn another portal to take control of your environment 
  • Easy to learn interface decreases onboarding/on ramping time for new, internal team members 
  • Multi-site management and monitoring  
  • Policy-driven creation of elastic virtual data centers offer isolated virtual resources, independent role-based authentication, and fine-grained control 

VCloud Availability

  • Performive offers seamless migrations from on-prem to the cloud, or from cloud to cloud 
  • Built in SSL Encryption 
  • Build a Disaster Recovery Plan into your VMware Cloud with Performive DRaaS  

Performive + NSX

  • Performive’s internal teams are up to date with the latest VMware releases and technologies, ready to support NSXt and the future
  • Managed site-to-site and client-to-site VPN
  • Control or have Performive manage firewalls, load balancing, dynamic routing, DHCP, NAT, and VPN

More VMware Tools and Capabilities

  • Ask the Performive team about these additional VMware cloud capabilities: SDDC, VSphere, VCenter, ESXi, VCloud Director, VMotion, VSwitch, HCI

Integrated SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud

  • No need for additional hardware or software to deploy SD-WAN 
  • Prioritize traffic to increase performance  
  • Secure VPN connections to the cloud  
  • Easy management and connection of branch connections to the cloud  
  • Intuitive geographical viewand interface 

VSan, Hyperconverged Storage

  • Access to all flash SSD Hyperconverged Storage  
  • View Performive’s Managed Storage Services and Managed Cloud Services

When is VMware Cloud the Right Fit?

We have helped thousands of customers choose a cloud based on their individual needs. Here are a few customer scenarios where a Performive VMware Cloud was the best-fit architecture: 

vmware cloud experts use case

Cloud Management Skill Gap Use Case

Customer Problem

A customer is looking to move services off-site into a secure cloud environment but lacks the knowledge and expertise of navigating and managing workloads.

Performive Solution

Performive built a VMware environment with customized VM size to fit the customers needs. The intuitive VMware Cloud GUI interface was easy to learn and managed services were layered on top, giving the customer more control over their environment than they had onsite.  

vmware cloud multi region use case

 Multi-Location Latency Use Case

Customer Problem

A customer’s many  locations struggled to deliver equal and consistent performance to end users at each location.

Performive Solution

Performive’s VMware Cloud environments were strategically placed in major markets to give end users lower latency access and multicloud strategy that could grow as they do

vmware cloud use case test _ dev

Test/Dev Migration to Production Use Case

Customer Problem

A well-known grocery chain customer needed to develop a new application for distribution logistics. The ideal environment would allow scaling and could be easily migrated into a production environment. 

Performive Solution

Performive’s VMware Cloud provided the customer with a right-sized and scalable environment tailored to the needs of their application. After successful testing, pushing to production was streamlined due to Performive’s integrated, no-hardware-needed SD-WAN.


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