Managed Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud

Navigate the complex frontier of Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud with the help of a seasoned guide.

What is Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud?



Hybrid Cloud or Multicloud is an infrastructure strategy which employs a mix of different cloud computing platforms, such as public, private, and bare metal cloud. Allowing each application or workload to deploy in the platform best suited for its unique requirements with the ability to connect and pass data between them.  

Explore Managed Cloud Services for the flavors that make up your Hybrid Cloud:

Performive Managed Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud

 Managing an environment that spans multiple cloud computing platforms can be time-consuming and complex. You need a seasoned guide to help you navigate the Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud frontier, so your team doesn’t get bogged down decoding each platform’s set of tools and features. Let Performive’s Devoted Support Technicians and Engineers be your guide in architecting, optimizing, and managing your environment. 

Scalable Agility

The Performive Cloud Platform not only enables scaling with ease, but also the ability to shift workloads or applications from cloud to cloud to meet the changing needs of your business.


Our hyperconverged Hybrid Cloud Solutions are architected by our Devoted Engineers so your environment is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Access Expertise

The secret to being cloud ready for the future is being able to access cutting-edge expertise in cloud technologies such as VMware, Veeam, AWS, Microsoft, and GCP – all areas we are certified in.  


99.999% network uptime and 24x7x365 Devoted Support Technicians to ensure your applications are always available to those who rely on them.

When is Managed Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud the Right Fit?

We have helped thousands of customers choose a managed hosting solution based on their individual needs. Here are a few customer scenarios where Managed Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud were the best-fit:

multicloud use case

Tailoring to Each Application Use Case

Customer Problem

A mid-sized company with a diverse IT landscape had a mix of applications, some requiring automated scaling and others had legacy requirements.  

Performive Solution

Performive’s Engineers architected an environment where applications requiring rapid scale are deployed in the public cloud while predictable workloads are housed in Performive’s VMware CloudThe solution connected together, optimizing internal process and giving time back to the customer’s internal IT team 

Managed hybrid cloud use case multicloud use case

Cloud Migration Use Case

Customer Problem

A manufacturing company running mostly legacy applications on-prem, was both limited by physical space and had an initiative to shift their IT infrastructure to the cloud. 

Performive Solution

With a Managed Multicloud solution, Performive’s Dedicated Engineers built and managed a best-fit environment by transitioning some workloads off-prem and developing a strategy to migrate the remaining workloads to the cloud. 

managed multicloud use case

User Experience Upgrade Use Case

Customer Problem

An organization with geographically diverse locations struggled to provide equal and consistent performance to end users across the globe. 

Performive Solution

Performive’s multi-region VMware Cloud deployments gave end users low-latency access. Single pane of glass management made it easy for the client to monitor performance. 



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