Managed Hyperscale Cloud

Devoted Support and Engineering help you navigatthe expansive world of hyperscale cloud. 

Take an Expert Guide on Your Hyperscale Cloud Expedition

Hyperscale clouds can offer unbeatable pricing for burstable or temporary workloads, as well as offer an ideal environment to innovate new applications. Whether it’s AWS, Azure, or GCP, Performive’s Devoted Support and Engineering teams will help you get the most out of your hyperscale cloud and keep your environment up-to-date with the changing tools and trends of Public Cloud.

Our team of engineers have the expertise and certifications needed to navigate hyperscale cloud complexity and optimize your environment. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for managed hyperscale cloud and with Performive’s flexible suite of managed hosting and infrastructure services, you can build the managed infrastructure solution that works for your IT department.


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Introducing Managed VMware on AWS

Performive has 3 superpowers as a technology provider: VMware Expertise, Multicloud Optimization, and Devoted Support. When a customer asks us to combine all three of these superpowers into one VMware-centric managed Multicloud – we know it is a great day. 

Managed Hyperscale Expertise for Every Public Cloud Platform

Managed AWS

AWS is as complex as it is powerful. Choosing the right instances and tools for your applications, designing secure environments, managing the migration, optimizing deployments — all require expertise and a whole lot of time. Devoted Support and Engineering for AWS by Performive eliminates the complexities so you can focus on results.

Managed Azure

While creating an Azure VM is relatively simple, complexity builds as soon as services within those VMs need to be managed. Microsoft support can be costly and does not extend to the operating system. With Devoted Support and Engineering for Azure, our Microsoft-certified Engineers will maximize all that Azure and Microsoft Cloud have to offer with a solution built and priced specifically for your business size.

Managed Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is the up-and-coming public cloud of choice for developers and innovators who need agility. Our Devoted Support and Engineering team is ready to help you get the most out of your GCP environment so your business can thrive.

Managed Multicloud

Connecting on-premise to cloud, or to multiple public clouds? Complex networking requirements? Our Devoted Support and Engineering teams can design and manage the optimal hybrid solution.

When is Managed Hyperscale Cloud the Right Fit?

We have helped thousands of customers choose a cloud based on their individual needs. Here are a few customer scenarios where a Managed Public Cloud was the best-fit architecture: 

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All-In on AWS Strategy Use Case

Customer Problem

Kicking off an initiative to be all-in on AWS, the Performive customer needed to lay a strong foundation within the platform that would help them innovate in the future.  

Performive Solution

Leaning on Performive’s certified expertise in AWS, the customer did not require an AWS-specific skillset for the first phases of their IT Transformation. The managed support and engineering expertise help onramp the internal team into the lingo and culture differences of AWS compared to their on-premise environment preparing them for future phases of their all-in AWS strategy. 

hyperscale cloud use case public cloud use case

Small Team and Global Economic Climate Use Case

Customer Problem

The global impact of COVID-19 overwhelmed our customer’s internal IT team by increasing their workload to facilitate and support a remote workforce. The team had to get creative to meet new expectations with static resources and headcount.

Performive Solution

Performive not only delivered the time-saving benefits that most managed cloud providers offer, we also delivered access to engineering support. This meant that the customer could tap into our in-house expertise to contribute to projects or fill in when a staff member was out.  

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