Bare Metal Cloud

Move your workloads and applications off-premise and into a Bare Metal environment as a secure, scalable step on your cloud journey. Layer on managed services to stay focused on key objectives.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare Metal servers, also known as dedicated servers, are physical servers or hardware that is dedicated to a single tenant – which is why they are also referred to as single-tenancy environments. Bare metal clouds combine many servers to create a powerful, customizable compute solution for demanding workloads. Traditionally, bare metal clouds only provide the hardware, but Performive knows that most mid-sized businesses require more support and services from their IT partners. Rely on the Performive Devoted Support and Engineering Teams to manage access, security, network, firewall, switches, and more aspects of the infrastructure with managed services.

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Unleash the Raw Performance of Bare Metal Clouds

Bare metal has been famous workhorse for performance and security. It is popular with gaming and streaming companies, as well as SaaS and financial services providers. Some IT teams prefer the DIY customizations available on Bare Metal servers, while others prefer a managed server environment. Performive offers Bare Metal Cloud solutions in almost 20 global locations to server your customers or build and edge-like solution for your applications and workloads. Why is bare metal cloud a first choice for some customers:


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Highly Customizable

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Dedicated Compute

Choose Your Bare Metal Server

With more than 50 server models in stock and more than 20 global locations, not to mention all the customization options, Performive has a Bare Metal Cloud or server that can meet your performance needs. Chat now to explore more in-stock Bare Metal servers.

Base Camp

Economy Server


  • E3 1240-v6
  • 8 cores
  • 16GB Ram
  • 1 x 120GB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 GBPs Port
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Business Class


  • 2x E5 2640v3
  • 16 cores
  • 32 GB Ram
  • 1 x 240 GB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 GBPs Port
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High Performance


  • 2x E5 2650v3
  • 20 cores
  • 64 GB Ram
  • 1 x 240 GB SSD
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 GBPs Port
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Keep the Control You Need, We Will Manage the Rest

Your team needs to focus on mission-critical projects, but you are not quite ready to hand over all the control. Choose what you want to manage in-house, and count on Performive for everything else. Change your management level or selections at any time. View what Performive can managed for you:

Server Monitoring & Management
Switch Monitoring & Management
Firewall Monitoring & Management
Application Monitoring & Management
Hardware Diagnostics
Restore from Backups
cPanel Management
OS Management
Network Monitoring & Management
Firmware Updates & Patching
Load Balancer Management
Port Management
Domain & SSL Management

Add Managed Services to Your Bare Metal

Get more value from your cloud provider. View all the tasks, operations, and services Performive provides with our managed services support plan.


When do you need a managed server or managed cloud?

Your team may have the skillset in-house to manage, monitor, and optimize your servers. But do you have the time to do it – or is your time better spent on revenue-driving, needle-moving projects?

Much like hiring a landscaper to mow your grass at home, many mid-sized organizations find there are diminishing marginal returns in doing it all themselves. The Performive managed server option offers cost-benefits over adding this time-consuming, routine maintenance to your team’s priorities.

What is the difference between a managed server and an unmanaged server?

In a Performive unmanaged server, our team will set up the hardware, install the OS and a control panel, if ordered, before handing it over to the customer for self-service. If the customer orders a managed server, our team take on additional responsibilities in the environment including scripts, monitoring, security, and more. See the full list of managed server benefits.

Are Performive’s managed servers dedicated servers or cloud servers?

Bare metal servers are physically isolated dedicated servers. However, the Performive portfolio has always been centered in cloud management. Devoted Managed Support covers all Performive environments, dedicated and virtual. Lean on our knowledgeable design architects to make a recommendation, and our certified technicians will monitor, manage, and optimize it.

Need a Custom Configuration?

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