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Let your team focus on creating an in-store experience online while Performive manages your site’s availability and performance. From web hosting, to VMware instances to disaster recovery environments, Performive delivers powerful and secure solutions for desktop, app, and mobile retail.


Customer Outcome of Remote Work Solution

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The rise in cyberattacks—a reported 82% increase in ransomware related data leaks in 2021 alone —coupled with geo-political uncertainties means there’s never been a better time to invest in cybersecurity. Consult with our security experts to develop the best security stance for your organization.

Uptime through Disaster Recovery

Let Performive architect, build, and write a runbook for a secondary environment to support your revenue stream even in disaster scenarios. Learn more about DRaaS and Dat Protection.

VMware Cloud with Cloud Director Access

Rely on our VMware experts to build a VMware private cloud for the exact specifications of power, size, and processing your site needs. Stay in control with visibility through VMware Cloud Director – or ping our 24/7/365 Devoted Support to manage your environment.

Performance Web Hosting

Performive provides easy-to-spin-up packages for new retailers and start-ups that require a consistent and powerful website. Learn more about our Performance Web Hosting (PWH) packages in the next section.

Performance Web Hosting Packages

Need web hosting now but plan to grow your cloud needs quickly? By choosing Performive, you get a solution today that grows as you need it. With Professional Engineering Services available on-demand, security solutions, and data protection, we have what you need for today and tomorrow.

Package Name PWH100 PWH250 PWH500
Disk Quota (GB) 100 250 500
Bandwidth 10TB 25TB 50TB
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Add-on Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificates Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shell Access Yes Yes Yes
Core Cores 2 4 4
Virtual Memory (GB) 8 16 32
Physical Memory (GB) 4 8 16
I/O 10 MB/s 25 MB/s 50 MB/s
IOPS 1000 2500 5000
NUM Proc 100 250 500
Inodes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Retail and Ecommerce Use Cases for Managed Cloud

Optimized Content Across the Globe

The customer’s goal was to improve data processing, delivery, and performance of video content across the globe. To improve end-user experience, the requested content needed to be optimized in real-time for each global end-user’s device and the local connection (bandwidth).

The customer chose multiple Performive locations across the globe (having the choice of over 20) to house their content processing and delivery function. Each location is made up of a group of 5 servers. Three servers process front-end workloads and two GPU servers transcode video and images based on the end-user device and connectivity specifications. The end result was lightning fast content delivery for end users anywhere in the world.

Needed Flawless Migration

The customer ran mostly in a multi-region AWS environment, yet had several legacy applications still running on-prem, including their active directory. The customer hired our cloud engineers to plan and manage a successful migration on-prem workloads.

On-demand Professional Services through Devoted Engineering gave this client access to the skills and expertise that they were lacking in-house. The successful migration gave our clients the negotiating power to reduce the space and cost of their on-prem location – a big benefit to the business’s bottom line. The customer was protected during this risky project, with best-in-class service and proven migration expertise of the Performive Devoted Engineering Team.

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