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Secure data across locations with ease and speed to improve operations in Media and AdTech delivery.

In the media and adtech space, you need a trusted partner deliver secure services. Real-time data needs are often the priority of our customers’ needs in these industries, with speed of IT Operations and cost efficiency coming in second. This year, demand for security services, both managed security strategies and data security services, are the number one concern of our clients across all industries.

Your business, even within your industry has unique needs and requirements to stay competitive. Contact us to talk through your challenges and learn from our certified experts how we have built secure IT strategies to solve common, and not-so-common, problems in the media, adtech, and SaaS space.

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Data Protection & Availability

First and foremost, our media and adtech customers need data availability in multiple locations across the globe. Whether your first step toimproved data strategy is a cloud migration, remote work data security, or optimizing operations to consolidate data sources and spend, Performive can partner with you to develop customized solutions.

Managed Security

In these industries, trust is paramount to growth and success. Performive offers fully managed security solutions to protect every device in your environment as well as monitor and proactively threat hunt to prevent and halt attacks. Learn more about Managed Security Services.

Remote Workforce Enablement

Remote Workforce solutions provide several benefits for content delivery and advertising companies. The first is improved security stance and the second is improved IT Operations including internal IT Support. Explore this solution in-depth or consult with us to determine if it can solve your current challenges.

Professional Services

Professional Service engagements can be instrumental in creating and executing a strategy for IT transformation and modernization. Performive Devoted Engineering team offers on-demand resources to extend your team and empower projects from, cloud adoption and migration, to ensuring your environment is secure and optimized.

Media & AdTech Use Case for Managed Cloud & Services

Enabling Remote Work and Improving Security Stance

The client’s IT team was over-burdened troubleshooting and keeping work-from-home devices up-to-date. The company’s change to remote work in 2020 had many employees opting to use their own personal devices (BYOD). IT Support was often not able to access the device to help troubleshoot issues. The range of device types (tablet, laptops, mobile), platforms, and OS’s was almost impossible to support as solution instructions needed to be customized leaving internal staff frustrated. The team needed a better solution.

With a unified virtual desktop solution, the company could move forward with a standard-issue device or allow a BYOD Policy and minimize device-specific troubleshooting, software versioning maintenance and much of the current in-house support. The solution would also extend the life of the current hardware as Performive’s DaaS solution is device agnostic. Deploying a secure private cloud within VMware to support Performive’s Desktop as a Service Solution is the easy part. Where our Devoted Engineering Team really provides value is supporting the client through establishing the Group Policies Objects that would be the foundation of each DaaS environment that was issued.

Customize Solutions to Industry Needs

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