Performive’s global data centers and colocation services offer the security, scalability, and connectivity your growing, world-wide businesses demand.

What is Colocation?

Colocation is an infrastructure service which includes network, cooling, power, and space in a data center. Colocation moves your physical environment off-premises, sparing your IT team the day-to-day management while at the same time improving security and availability.

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Performive Colocation and Data Center Locations

Performive’s data center facilities, located in 20 global markets throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, are highly interconnected with access to over one thousand available networks, including our own multi-100Gbps global network. Our state-of-the-art data centers are Tier 3 in design, meet rigorous security certifications, and give you access to our suite of fully-managed services.

The Benefits of Performive’s Global Colocation Service

Connect Globally

Performive’s global footprint of data centers are interconnected by our low-latency network and offer a cost-effective way for mid-sized companies to adventure into new markets.

Customized Builds

Our colocation designs are right-sized to a customer’s individual needs meaning client budgets aren’t burdened with under- or over-building. Performive‘s data centers provide on-demand network and critical infrastructure scalability that seamlessly supports client growth.

Reliable and Secure

Your IT Infrastructure is protected by the most rigorous physical security standards in the industry. Each Performive facility boasts an array of security techniques and protocol to keep IT infrastructure secure.

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Manage, Protect, and Scale your Colocation Solution

Managed Services 

With our expansive suite of managed services, you choose the ideal mix and our Devoted Support Technicians and Engineers will handle the day-to-day upkeep, leaving your team free to focus on what moves your business forward.

Data Protection

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service protect against unplanned downtime and gives you piece of mind. We leverage industry-leaders, including Veeam and VMware, to build a business continuity plan that meets availability objectives for your critical workloads, fits your budget and is managed by our certified team of experts.

Managed Hybrid and Multicloud

Connecting colocation to on premise or a public cloud? Complex networking requirements? Our Devoted Support and Engineers can design and manage the optimal hybrid or multicloud solution.

When is Colocation and Hybrid Cloud the Right Fit?

colocation for edge computing

Deploy an Edge Strategy Use Case

Customer Problem

A prominent Performive customer with their own data center wanted to move to an edge strategy using existing hardware to improve delivery to their end-users and increase performance.

Performive Solution

With a Perfomive Colocation Solution, the customer chose the global market closest to their demanding end-users which decreased latency, improved service performance and increased their competitiveness in the market.

colocation and data center security

Reallocating Staff Use Case

Customer Problem

Global economic conditions shifted the strategy for this IT team which was burdened with maintenance, routine tasks, and meeting security standards.

Performive Solution

By moving into a Performive data center with remote hands services and 24x7x365 security staff, this customer gained the increased security needed meet compliance regulations and freed staff to focus on other key company innovations.

colocation data centers use case

Outgrowing On-Premise Use Case

Customer Problem

A client in the Atlanta area had limited space and resources on-prem which led to end-user and internal-employee performance issues.

Performive Solution

By moving off-premise, our customer was able to grow their footprint, receive access to high-density power, and improve network performance. In addition, the move off-prem freed up physical office space making room for a new dev resources on the IT team (and a new conference room).

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