Managed Servers and Cloud Management

Reach new heights with expert management layered on the performance of compute workloads. 100+ monitoring, optimization, and management services are included in our 3 levels of Managed Support. 

What is Server Management or Cloud Management?

As a tenured multicloud provider, we understand that some clients just prefer to keep control, while others find value in all the management services we provide. This scalable, managed services concept benefits growing companies as they can add or remove areas of management at any time.

Performive offers fully and partially managed servers and cloud environments.

Cloud and server management

What is Included in Server and Cloud Management?

There are three levels of support and cloud management that we provide our clients: Devoted Support, Devoted Managed Support, and Devoted Engineering. Managed cloud and managed servers from Performive include both Devoted Support and Devoted Managed Support categories in their service. Devoted Engineering assistance is also available to managed cloud and managed server clients for an hourly fee. Expand the sections below to see managed service details.

Managed Support
Establish notification route and contact information
Catalog managed device identification and information
Deploy monitoring agent on managed devices
Setup and configure patch agents: kernel, security vulnerabilities
Configure Performive management tools in client’s site
24x7x365 monitoring of managed devices, metrics, application services and availability
Restore hardware and operating systems to operating condition
Log incident and solution summary of each request
Monitor server components: CPU, RAM, HDD, System load and more.
Monitor switch data: bandwidth, inbound / outbound, port stats, uptime, CPU, temp., memory metrics.
Monitor hardware firewalls: system uptime, interface status, CPU, temperature and memory metrics.
Monitor application health: HTTP status, PHP status and MySQL
Hard drive monitoring / diagnostics utilizing SMART diagnostic tools
RAID monitoring / diagnostics using vendor defined RAID tools
Port configurations on firewalls
White list ip (hardware and software: NSX)
Triage and troubleshoot operating system issues
Triage and troubleshoot operating system issues
Update and / or repair file system issues
Restore from backups | FSCK check
Extend / increase LVM file systems
Control panel issues (cPanel)
Configuration analysis
Configuration modifications
LAMP stack issues
Operating system advanced management
Cron job configuration
User / group permission management
FTP / SSH configuration
Backup assistance
Remediate advanced hardware and operating system issues
VLAN setup
Remediate frontend IP, advanced BGP and OSPF issues
SAN management
Server OS management
Environment Migrations and Migration Support
Rack and stack requests - Customer provided instructions
Hardware and part replacement as necessary
Configuration analysis
Cabinet layout
Efficiency power utilization vs density
Airflow engineering (device placement)
Cable management best practices
Triage and troubleshoot hardware
Provide how-to guidance
Reset password assistance
Performive Mail support
Add / remove users
Respond to system or network up / down statuses
Hardware and part replacement as necessary
Frontend and backend port configurations on switches
Network connectivity issues
Speed / duplex synchronization issues
White list ip (software OS)
Server / network latency issues
Traceroute / ICMP packet analysis
Port issues: configuration, saturation
Additional IP’s, network drive, manual package updates
System or interface up / down status
Review and report IPS alarms
Respond to client inquiries
Connection configuration
Private network configuration
Object creation, legacy juniper
Basic NAT setup and configuration
Basic security policy setup
System health issues: PSU, fan, memory, CPU and temperature
VPN configuration
Advanced security policy configuration
Network and security policy issues
Advanced NAT configuration
User creation and management
System or interface up / down status
Management connection setup
Basic network management: Addition / removal of IP’s, VLAN’s, VE’s and static routes
Port related issues: errors, bouncing and port protection
System Health Issues: PSU, fan, memory, CPU and temperature
Critical firmware updates
Advanced network management and troubleshooting
Switch management
Router management
Load balancer management
Firewall management
Patch Management
Perform patch identification list as requested
Perform patch deployment in client production environment as requested
Internal name resolution issues (Performive provided)
External name resolution issues (Performive provided)
Client domains pointed to Performive DNS
Domain expiration notifications (Performive provided)
SSL expiration notification (Performive provided)
Domain and SSL renewals (Performive provided)
Kubernetes or containers*
Alienvault or Security Suite*
NSX-T 3.0*
*coming soon


Optimizing IT Team Efficiency Leads to Company Growth

IT teams across the globe, especially those of growing mid-sized organizations, are being asked to do more with less. To stay competitive, internal IT teams need to focus on innovating and improving internal process and customer products, not maintaining hardware.

Routine infrastructure tasks and maintenance can take up to 70 percent of an IT pro’s time at work – and interrupt home hours several times a month. Reclaim work/life balance for your IT team and keep focused on leading the company forward with innovation and efficiencies. Rely on Performive to manage the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Server and Cloud Management

What clouds at Performive can be managed?

All of them. Performive offers management and deep VMware expertise on Bare Metal, Private Clouds, VMware Clouds, AWS, Azure, Google, and a combination of all or any of these clouds. Request a free consultation to learn more about our capabilities or to get a technical assessment of your current environment.

What is Devoted Engineering?

Devoted Engineering is a service that lets you borrow our in-house, expert engineers to work on your priority projects. Not every growing company can afford to hire on the wide range of deep skillsets they will need in a year’s worth of IT projects.

By being a managed customer of Performive, you can turn our engineering support on and off whenever your business has a need. Whether your IT team is lacking the skillset in-house, has had a turn-over and needs temporary work, or is over-extended on key projects, access to our Devoted Engineering Service is always available.

Does Server Management replace an organization’s IT team?

At Performive, we have been serving growing SMBs and mid-sized companies for more than a decade. We built our Devoted Support, Devoted Managed Support and Devoted Engineering Services to help mid-sized companies deliver quickly on their IT initiatives and we are evangelists for IT leadership within these organizations.

When we tout the value of managed infrastructure services over the use of an internal IT staff member’s time, we are not suggesting to business leaders that they need less IT staff. We are encouraging business leaders to get the most value out of their internal IT team members. Executing the same routine or maintenance tasks is not a path to innovation and growth. Allocate your internal technical resources to major business objectives, which improve process efficiencies, cost efficiencies, or competitiveness in the marketplace.

Rely on Performive for Cloud Management so You Can Focus on Innovation

Tell us about your innovation goals and how we can support your cloud to help get you there.