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Who is Performive?

Nicolette Downs
by Nicolette Downs on

We are the first hyperconverged, managed multicloud services provider specifically built to serve the mid-market. Short, sweet, and to the point. We pack a lot into that short description, so let’s debrief.

After over 15 years in the business knowns as Total Server Solutions, we changed our name and messaging to better reflect the value we were delivering to our customers. We chose the name Performive because it sounds so close to the word at the root of everything we do, performance.

It’s our goal to keep our client’s IT teams focused on optimizing their internal operations and application performance so their businesses can succeed. Our services portfolio includes hybrid cloud and hyperscale cloud, layered with security, data protection, and managed services. Every product in our portfolio is architected with security and performance in mind, and our 20 global locations ensure our customer’s mission-critical data and applications are readily available anywhere, anytime.

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We know there are no lack of challenges for our customers, mostly mid-sized companies, who struggle to grow and compete with larger, more established, enterprises on a fraction of the budget. In order to succeed they are expected to continuously evolve their internal processes, technology foundation, and service delivery. However, meeting these demands can be an impossible challenge, especially for their internal IT staff who are limited by headcount and a fixed budget.

That’s where we shine for our customers, not just by delivering secure, hyperconverged, cloud solutions, but with our on-demand Professional Engineering Services and Devoted Customer Support. These services allow customers to extend their internal IT teams and bridge knowledge gaps so they can quickly and efficiently knock out projects. Our engineers are experts in a wide rages of technologies, VMware, Veeam, SaltStack, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (to name a few), and lend that expertise to customers’ projects.

When organizations partner with Performive, our team becomes an extension of their team, and our platform powers them with scalability and redundancy. This makes it possible for our customers’ internal IT teams to fully focus on driving innovative business solutions in this demanding, technology-focused era. If any of this resonates with you, the struggles, and/or goals of your organization—please reach out and chat with one of our experts.