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What are DDoS attacks and why is protection and mitigation against them crucial?

Team Performive
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Among the many managed services offered by Performive, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection and mitigation is maybe the most important and under appreciated. A DDoS attack is a malicious cyber-attack on your website that uses a network of compromised systems called BOTNet to overflow traffic to the site. The website becomes paralyzed and all legitimate traffic is blocked while you are locked out, unable to access any portion of it. Having the capabilities to mitigate this attack is something all website owners should invest in because without it there are no other alternatives. For ecommerce sites, this could lead to revenue loss and low customer satisfaction, both of which are detrimental to a business’ success. Getting ahead of the curve and being proactive in the security of your site is a necessity if you want to maintain a healthy, user-friendly reputation and relationship with customers.

To successfully prevent this attack from doing damage to your website, the “bad” traffic coming into the site needs to be rerouted so that it never actually reaches the domain. By doing this, customer traffic is prioritized while the “bad” traffic is filtered and blocked so your website remains available for users and yourself. Performive can provide a solution that combines enterprise-grade technology and a devoted support team that personally monitors alerts to your system. And quite possibly the most undervalued part of it all, Performive’s solution can be rapidly implemented because it requires no baseline traffic learning period. Instead, it leverages behavioral analysis to track and rate-limit L2-L4 attacks and zero-day network DDoS attacks, which means it will start working right away.

In the past couple of years, DDoS attacks have seen a steady rise in popularity which should come as no surprise. We now conduct just about every type of business over the internet, companies set themselves up for success by ensuring the availability and performance of their website. Having a consistent online presence is only half the battle, knowing how to maintain that presence and optimize the user experience is the other half. This exact scenario played out on a large scale over the past two years due to the global pandemic, we saw a 341% yearly increase in DDoS attacks on industries that provide connectivity and services to every major sector of our economy (Nexusguard). The rise in the number of DDoS attacks is no doubt due to the amount of people who now rely on the availability of the internet for everything in their daily lives, from working, to purchasing food, to accessing news, and keeping in contact with friends and family. Attackers are aware of this ever-increasing dependency and will exploit it for their own benefit, the responsibility then falls on organizations and the individuals behind them to play defense by implementing an effective and reliable solution that gives everyone peace of mind.

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