business value of desktop as a service

Top 5 Business Values of Desktop as a Service

Danielle Walter
by Danielle Walter on

In March of 2020, companies across the globe realized day-to-day business would change drastically. But now that the world is showing signs of opening back up, are solutions like VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service) still relevant? The answer is yes. Here are 5 reasons why companies are still prioritizing remote workspace projects within their organization.

Expected Agility in Workforce Location

60% of employers believe that remote work is now a pre-requisite for attracting and retaining talent.1 The demand for more agile remote work policies introduces numerous challenges to the business to keep employees productive with secure access to corporate resources. This newfound locational agility also brings benefits such as; hiring better talent regardless of location and reductions in property costs.

Realized Cost Savings with DaaS

While 39% of business leaders believed Desktop as a Service would reduce operating expenditures, the data over the last year shows that 53% of business who implemented a DaaS solution reported significant cost savings (16% or higher) over traditional desktop operations.2

Realized Time Savings with DaaS

Business leaders also believed that one of the top benefits of implementing a Desktop as a Service solution would be increased employee productivity. While the business is benefiting from increased efficiency from all employees, the IT Team has benefited from the most time savings with DaaS. Over 54% of IT Teams who moved to a Desktop as a Service Solution report a significant time savings (16% or higher) within their department.2

Improved Security Posture

The top business benefit of a remote workforce solution is the security benefits for the organization. 79% of leaders surveyed believed that VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and Desktop as a Service are more secure than traditional desktops. A frequently requested policy by employees, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which was often seen as a security risk, can now be implemented increasing the savings potential for businesses.

Service Oriented Virtual Workspaces on the Rise

Maintenance and routine tasks continue to take a toll on productivity within IT Departments sucking up 70% of the team’s time. The result is a slowdown in innovation and delayed product launches. To keep IT Teams focused and aligned to an organizations Major Business Objectives demand for managed services has been on the rise. Managed Service total cost of ownership calculators have proven that their expertise and task management at scale is more cost efficient than handling maintenance, patching, and other management within IT Teams.

Market Forecast for Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

While the terms of Cloud Workspaces, VDI and DaaS are often interchangeable, analysts have defined them to be separate. Gartner defines Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as an internally-run on-premise solution, while Desktop as a Service is defined as a cloud and provider managed solution. In Q2 of 2020, many teams began implementing VDI, or internally run on-premise solutions to solve for the need for workers to be immediately remote. However, many businesses are moving their VDI solutions to DaaS for a long-term solution to support their remote workforce, even companies who have not yet accelerated their digital transformation plans are also favoring DaaS over VDI. Gartner predicts the demand for Desktop as a Service will continue to rise through 2023.

As you reflect on your current remote workforce solution—or lack thereof—and develop a future strategy which will doubtless include supporting remote employees, know that our engineers are always available for a consultation. Learn more about Performive’s Desktop as a Service solution here.


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