How to stay current in your cloud strategy

How to Stay on Top of Cloud Trends as a Mid-Sized Business

Team Performive
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For businesses that are not enterprises and do not have a technical team of over 100 employees, the challenge of staying up to date with cloud technology is impossible. Period. The industry research alone, could take up a mid-size business’s full work week. The best bet for a mid-size business is to connect with a cloud analyst, Gartner for instance, or a seasoned managed cloud provider (our team is standing by on chat).

These experts see thousands of cloud environments and architectures. The vantage point of an analyst or managed cloud provider is that they don’t have experience with one story – they have every story in the library. This is the only way for a team without unlimited resources can stay up-to-date with new feature releases, new cloud technologies, and continue to modify their own environment as the technology advances so they don’t get left behind or acquire technical debt.

The question we get asked most often when it comes to cloud optimizations and cloud operations is “which cloud is the best?”.

Professional Services or a cloud consultation can help your company’s IT Team run an analysis of your current IT environment operations. To determine the ‘best cloud for your business’, we recommend looking at four areas of your IT operations.

  • Analyze your workloads, data and applications
  • Review the tools and technologies in-house today
  • Evaluate your in-house skill-sets
  • Assess internal culture, processes and decision-making

By evaluating these four areas, we can determine which mix of clouds are best for your business’s operations. Perhaps more importantly, we can discuss what additional tools or technologies you will need, which tools or technologies that you have today that will no longer be needed and most importantly, match your cloud mix choices with the skills you have existing in your team today and the investments you have already made. Only by combining these four attributes in an analysis can we offer a solution that is right-sized and right-priced for mid-sized companies that are competing with large-scale enterprises.