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Software-Defined Infrastructure for Application Delivery

Nicolette Downs
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This blog summarizes a Performive + VMware white paper titled Agile Infrastructure for an App-Driven World. Download the entire white paper in the form below. 

Have you noticed there seems to be an app for everything? To stay completive, every company, website, and organization has an app aimed at providing a streamlined experience for their mobile users. The problem is that no matter how innovative or user-friendly an application is, if the underlying infrastructure isn’t able to provide performance and delivery the end-user it is likely they’ll have a frustrating experience. This puts the ownness on IT teams to shift from hardware to software development and produce an underlying infrastructure that supports the rapid development and delivery of high-quality applications.

Modernizing to Software-Defined Infrastructure

It used to be that the hardware-centric approach to infrastructure was the only way to go. But as times have changed and technology has advanced, these legacy approaches have become more expensive and time-consuming to manage and maintain. They also provide less flexibility and agility inhibiting the performance that is table-stakes to the end-user. To have a competitive advantage in this business, agility and innovation are key. To succeed on that front, you must begin with the development of an IT infrastructure which aims to virtualize the foundation of resources and unify management into one consistent operational model. The only way to fully achieve this is to evolve an ailing, hardware-centric data center into a dynamic, software-defined data center.

Ready to Download the White Paper: Agile Infrastructure for an App-Driven World?

Download the entire white paper to learn more about managed VMware clouds with the option to software-define infrastrucure for modernization and agility.

Agility for the Future in Performive’s VMware Cloud

Having a software-defined data center means every fundamental component of the data center environment had been completely virtualized via an overlying software. The components: compute, storage, and networking are able to come together with powerful, industry-standard servers to deliver an enterprise-ready, high-performance infrastructure that is flexible, agile, and cost-effective. VMware software and technology provide features, tools and integrations essential in virtualizing your infrastructure.

Software-Defined Solutions from Virtualization Experts

Having a software-defined data center whose foundation is fully virtualized gives the organization the ability to tightly integrate that virtualized foundation with both desktop and app virtualization management. VMware’s digital workspace platform can be managed through three different technologies, delivering flexibility and customization, while reducing management time.

Natively integrated products and technologies are where modern infrastructure is able to showcase its true power. These products and technologies are able to work with each other to help create a robust modern IT infrastructure that is flexible, saleable and performant. VMware is a partner whose portfolio of tightly integrated products and technologies helps companies get on the path to success by implementing an updated data center that is software-defined as opposed to hardware-defined.

Your Partner in Modernization with VMware

As you begin the journey to modernize, virtualize and future-proof your legacy infrastructure, know that you can always count on the guidance of the VMware experts at Performive. Performive’s Devoted Support and Engineering team is standing by for you to leverage along the path to virtualization. Although, making the shift from a legacy hardware-centric approach to fully software-defined infrastructure is a sizable undertaking, it is well worth the effort. The streamlined management for your internal IT team and growth resulting from delivering a better experience to users of your application will be paramount to the success of your organization.