Securing data in apps in remote work

Securing the Applications and Data for the Remote Workforce

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This blog summarizes a Performive + VMware white paper titled A Guide for Securing and Mobilizing Your Enterprise Apps. Download the entire white paper in the form below. 

It’s no surprise that for several years the number of employees working remotely has been steadily growing and with the events of 2020, the remote workforce today has reached an all-time high. This puts extra stress on IT teams to develop a model for enterprise applications that meets the requirements of different platforms while maintaining a sufficient level of security. It used to be that every employee worked in the same building, using the same desktop systems and network, with all the same applications installed from the start. Now, the influx of remote workers requires new innovation in the ability to virtually deliver the same apps and data that employees rely on to get their work done, wherever they are.

The Virtualization Age and Application Data Security

In the age of virtualization, a digital workspace platform provides the necessary tools to enable your IT team to manage, secure and deliver (to diverse end-user devices) the apps remote employees rely on. A digital workspace delivers the native applications to a range of devices and acts as a contextual access manager for cloud-based and on-premises applications. Access is enabled to shared, corporate owned, and locked-down devices, as well as the privacy protected personal devices of employees.

Ready to Download the White Paper: A Guide for Securing and Mobilizing Your Enterprise Apps?

Download the entire white paper to learn more about securing the data within your applications now that remote work is the established mode of business.

How to Ensure Data Security with Remote Access to Applications

Security is the most important part of this entire process as IT must ensure that sensitive data is not being stored on unsecure devices and that those devices are kept off corporate networks. Modern security must assume that malicious code and bad actors will get through firewalls, whether these applications are being run remotely or on-premises. At Performive, we utilize VMware software products that specialize in keeping sensitive data off of rogue devices. One of the many convenient functions of the software is eliminating the need for VPNs which limits the exposure of local device malware to the corporate network. By leveraging VMware software, IT teams are able to reduce attack risk and prevent data loss through the practice of keeping data off insecure devices and applying network micro-segmentation to each virtual workload.

Software-Defined Solutions from Virtualization Experts

Having a software-defined data center whose foundation is fully virtualized gives the organization the ability to tightly integrate that virtualized foundation with both desktop and app virtualization management. VMware’s digital workspace platform can be managed through three different technologies, delivering flexibility and customization, while reducing management time.

Enabled by VMware software, digital workspace platform and a managed service partner like Performive, IT teams are able to overcome the challenges of supporting a remote workforce. Simplifying the process of managing and securing diverse end-user devices and delivering apps and data to remote and mobile employees. As employees venture out of the corporate stronghold, IT teams can rest easy knowing they deployed the best possible solution for mitigating risk, protecting their company’s data and supporting their remote workforce.