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Customer Story: Professional Services and Devoted Engineering

Team Performive
by Team Performive on


In 2020, a customer of our partner C3, needed help with specialized skills within their environment. An internal IT staff member had recently left, leaving the team without SaltStack skills in-house to complete several internal projects.


The client needed help across multiple environments including development environments, the front-end website, and migration of their automated software-defined networking operations. Relying on Salt, our certified SaltStack Engineers met with the team to come up with a Statement of Work (SOW) that captured several needs and project completions in a single Professional Services engagement. The work was broken out by hours and pre-scheduled to meet the client’s timeline. Our expert engineers got to work within the customer environment, solving the dev environment needs as well as updating the customer’s front-end website environment. To complete the project, our team migrated their internal DNS management system to Cloudflare’s DNS Solution via APIs using SaltStack. The client also asked the team to execute on a few additional tasks including installations, patching, and removing unattended updates on webservers.


Performive provided DevOps as a Service in this Professional Services engagement as a way for the client to bridge the skills gap and transfer internal operations. This Devoted Engineering Service is completed and the customer is now looking at a project with the Performive team to migrate into and optimize their VMware environment.