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Danielle Walter
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Every customer implementation at Performive follows 4 steps: Plan, Build, Deploy (often Migrate), and Optimize. While these are all very important steps in our formula for success, I am going to introduce another key element to being a top cloud provider: Service. And while our customer service, which is famous for devoting one support technician to a customer ticket until that request is completed and sent to the customer (that is called Performive Devoted Support) – today I am going to focus on our Devoted Engineering Services.

What is Devoted Engineering?

Devoted Engineering Services or Devoted Engineering Support is Performive’s version of Professional Services. This program allows our customers to tap into our in-house expert engineering talent to help them start or complete a project. Customers can at anytime, on-demand, pay an hourly fee to hire our internal talent on to their team. Professional Services goes beyond managing your cloud environment to provide expert cloud consultancy, migrate applications or environments or even provide DevOps as a Service to help your team accomplish their goals.

When do you use Professional Engineering Services?

There are typically four scenarios where our Devoted Engineering Services are requested:

  1.  Augment Skills within a Customer Team. Our clients can’t hire one staff member for every technology in their cloud. But with Performive, they can access expert skills on-demand to help augment their own team’s skill set.
  2. Gap Turnover or Prolonged Absence. Your Ansible guy just turned in his resignation and you are not even half-way through your DNS migration project. No worries! Performive can lend you a hand with DevOps as a Service.
  3. Cloud Consultancy. Whether there is a new IT Leader onboard, or the business wants an expert opinion, Performive’s Devoted Engineering Service can provide an audit or needs analysis to keep you on the path to Digital Transformation.
  4. Training to Up-level Internal Skill Sets. The benefit of partnering with a Cloud Expert is becoming cloud experts yourself. Our engineering staff will share knowledge with you including how-tos, best practices or even share how we run our optimization operations here at Performive.

What kinds of Professional Services do you offer?

Our staff is certified in over 100 different technologies and cloud platforms. Our customers typically ask for professional services help in specific technologies such as VMware, SaltStack, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Veeam. That is a long list, but with thousands of clients, there are a lot of requests for expert support. While other clients need more consultative services and need to talk to a tech professional to help them build a multi-year strategy, optimize spend, choose a SaaS or cloud tool provider, or provide best practice recommendations (ie: roadmap to a Disaster Recovery Plan). We have even had a client request our engineers to provide how-to training to their own team.

How can I get Professional Services?

Performive customers can talk to their account manager to set up the process. A Professional Services client will contract a number of hours and plan the Statement of Work with an engineering team specifically selected for their expertise in the area of need.

Customer Stories for Performive Professional Services

Curious to see what Professional Services projects Performive has worked on? Check out this AWS Cloud Migration Services Case Study:

When you are ready to access our Devoted Engineering Services, chat with us here on the site or reach out to your account manager.