Managed Security Services Customer Story

Customer Story: Managed Security, Private Cloud, and Devoted Engineering

Team Performive
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Like many businesses founded more than 20 years ago, the customer, a non-profit HMO, housed its data within a large on-premises data center, however, they do not own the building where their operations are located, and this made scaling on-premises risky and the costs unpredictable. Migrating to the cloud was their best option for growth, although it posed its own risks for a company operating within the heavily moderated medical insurance industry where data security and maintaining compliance are paramount.

They faced additional challenges as a non-profit, the company leaders were highly cognizant of their budgeting restraints, and they lacked IT and personnel resources. To make their migration a success, they needed a technology partner who would understand their cloud and scalability needs without risking their reputation for security or compromising compliance requirements. A partner who could offer personnel resources and expertise to supplement their internal IT team and work within their budget.


The infrastructure of Performive’s Private Cloud combined with Performive Managed Security delivered the intrinsic security and compliance controls the customer was seeking. Backed by the support of the Security Operations Center (SOC) team, and the on-demand IT resources and expertise of Performive’s Devoted Engineering team. Because Performive’s technology partner is HITRUST certified, healthcare customers can place their trust in technology specifically designed to address the risk-based nature of HIPAA compliance.

The Performive solution provides a comprehensive view of events and alerts within their environment at all times, this visibility is crucial for the peace of mind of the customer’s leadership team. And the ability to utilize on-demand Devoted Engineering resources to extend their internal IT team helps the customer continue to meet compliance requirements while staying on budget.


With their migration from on-prem to a Performive Private Cloud, the customer was able to scale while being alleviated of their concerns for security, business continuity, and disaster recovery. They were able to remain both HIPAA and HITRUST compliant and relieving some of the strain on their internal IT team.

Reporting on AS 120, the customer, utilizes a metric that scores a business on vulnerability and risk, their overall score is now 100 points less than others in their industry. They credit their new Private Cloud environment for this favorable score.