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Customer Story: Managed Onsite Backups & Veeam Cloud Backups

Team Performive
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The customer is a manufacturing and design company for consumer packaged goods with over 50 locations/sites. Protecting the data at each site to ensure on-time product delivery was critical to increasing customer loyalty. Also, standardizing site IT architecture would increase efficiencies. Upon partnering together for this data protection initiative, the customer was using multiple backup solutions and each site was uniquely architected. Performive introduced the Veeam Solution to the customer, as both an onsite backup tool and for off-site cloud backups.


Upon implementation, each site had different size appliances based on the site requirements. The Performive team supported and advised the client through multiple phases of strategy improvements, working to standardize and document the backup process and architecture of multiple sites. The Performive team now manages backups, new deployments, retirements, and troubleshooting Veeam Onsite Backups at over 50 of the customer’s sites. Veeam Cloud Connect, a cloud backup solution, has also been added to the customer’s solution to follow best practice of the 3-2-1 Veeam Data Protection strategy.


Our team of Veeam experts manages the full scope of their onsite backups with remote access to the appliance. We deployed and support a VMware ESX environment running Windows and the Veeam Backup Software. Our certified team of Veeam Experts, configure new backups for new servers, clean out old inventory, deploy agents out to physical servers (for physical backups), complete instant recovery of VMs or fully restore of VMs as the customer requires it 24x7x365. The customer also has access to restore locally via a self-service function but prefers to depend on the Performive Devoted Support Team.


Performive is one of the only providers in North America that will manage On-Premise Veeam Backups. While some customers of Managed Onsite Backups prefer us to manage their environment 24x7x365, other customers prefer to engage our team of Veeam Expert Engineers only during installation/set-up and as consultants during strategy changes at an hourly rate. There are also cost benefits of choosing Performive with Veeam Managed Onsite Backups:

  • To obtain licensing directly from Veeam, you are paying upfront, per socket for a license. When you partner with Performive, we can provide Veeam licensing at a ‘Per VM / Per Month’ cost.
  • We can save Performive customers even more by utilizing existing appliances or SAN. Typically, we will provide the local storage for the customer to use. However, the Performive Managed Onsite Backup solution is storage agnostic meaning that often existing hardware on the customer’s site can be repurposed as the backup target for Managed Veeam Backups.

These creative and proven solutions by our engineers can significantly lower the entry cost to obtain this trusted, enterprise-grade data protection solution – making it an ideal solution for mid-market to enterprise and Mid-Size company IT teams.


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