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Future Proof Your Data Center with Virtualization

Nicolette Downs
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This blog summarizes a Performive + VMware white paper titled Future Proof Your DC. Download the entire white paper in the form below. 

Keeping up with the rapidly changing business models of digital economy is no small task. In this ever-evolving, competitive environment, stakeholders are counting on IT to create engaging and positive customer experiences whilst staying on the cutting-edge of technology. This requires IT teams to deploy and scale both infrastructure and applications at rapid rates that can be physically impossible without the necessary resources to do so. The modernized data center gives IT the resources to put themselves in a position to deliver the innovation that is essential for conducting business in a digital economy.

A modern data center is virtualized, software-defined, and automated, keeping a consistent operational model for infrastructure and application delivery. The ability to scale resources up or down when necessary is paramount in allowing for a more flexible model and providing breathing room.

How to Bridge the Old and the New to Build a Virtual Data Center

To deliver a consistent end-user experience with an limited number of resources at the highest speed possible, IT organizations need a service-oriented model that is able to maximize both private and public clouds. As companies grow, they accumulate newer technology which brings more complexity until, inevitably, these heterogenous environments clash and result in fragmented management that becomes slower and more resource intensive. There are operational and compliance risks which stem from outdated management approaches that can impact the entire business if not handled correctly. This can be avoided by automating the secure and standardized delivery of resources like networking, security, and infrastructure services.

IT teams strive to bridge the gap between the new and the old by:

  1. Staying competitive with the latest hardware, tools, and cloud services
  2. Continuing to utilize existing investments and supporting traditional applications as well as cloud-native applications like containers and micro-service-based architectures
  3. Applying automation to streamline operations

Ready to Download the White Paper: Future Proof Your DC?

Download the entire white paper to learn more about future proofing your Data Center with Virtualization.

Modernizing the Data Center

Modernizing the data center is really modernizing the infrastructure itself. The virtualization of servers was the first major step towards modern data center infrastructure. Soon after, network virtualization emerged after flash storage costs dropped which led to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). At Performive we deylpy HCI, bringing together software-defined compute and storage with virtual networking to provid a more simplistic and scalable approach for modernizing infrastructure. Modern infrastructure through a software-defined approach allows for virtualization across the data center while also bringing compute, storage, and networking layers under one common management portal, evolving the data center and organizations’ ability to scale for growth.

The automation of IT through the modernization of the data center paves the way for agility and manageability. Through compute virtualization, IT is able to provision compute and storage resources without having to go through an arduous manual processes and instead utilizing automation for increased efficiency. Many IT organizations are virtualizing their networks and fully automating the provisioning of complete application stacks to standardize the process, ensure consistency, and eliminate the need for any manual, error-prone processes. Giving IT the ability to streamline infrastructure and application lifecycle management, allows them to centrally manage provisioning, delivery, and ongoing maintenance of infrastructure and applications. Resources are able to be governed with consistent policies across both public and private cloud environments and when requirements change, they can easily optimize the performance, availability, and capacity of provisioned services to meet specific needs.

Modern, software-defined data centers are the next step in the evolution of IT infrastructure and are essential for keeping up with the digital economy. The ability to engage customers with confidence and provide them with a superior experience is important as ever and can be achieved more easily through virtualization and automation. Organizations are being offered the chance to grow organically to better serve their customers and deliver a high-performance experience that isn’t possible with traditional infrastructure; they are being offered the chance to not only survive but to thrive.