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Customer Story: Desktop as a Service

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During a routine Quarterly Business Review with the established customer, they inquired about a new product added to the Performive portfolio, Desktop as a Service. Their IT team was overloaded with the challenge of supporting a now-remote workforce. As a device refresh loomed due to over-worked hardware, the team wanted to explore the savings that virtual workspaces could bring to their organization.


The IT team was over-burdened with troubleshooting and keeping work-from-home devices up-to-date. In the manufacturing industry, the company’s change to remote work in 2020 had many employees opting to use their own personal devices (BYOD). IT Support was often not able to access the device to help troubleshoot issues. The range of device types (tablet, laptops, mobile), platforms and OS’s was almost impossible to support as solution instructions needed to be customized. The team needed a better solution.


With a unified virtual desktop solution, the company could move forward with a standard-issue device or allow a BYOD Policy and minimize device-specific troubleshooting, software versioning maintenance, and much of the current in-house support. The solution would also extend the life of the current hardware as Performive’s DaaS solution is device agnostic.

Deploying a secure private cloud within VMware to support Performive’s Desktop as a Service Solution is the easy part. Where our Devoted Engineering Team really provides value is supporting the client through establishing the Group Policies Objects that would be the foundation of each DaaS environment that was issued. Performive walked the customer through these important strategic decisions during the consultation period to help them avoid pitfalls and ensure a smooth onboarding.


The customer and all of the employees now had complete flexibility on user endpoint as well as device type, platform, or OS. The IT Team is benefiting from getting time back due to a significant reduction in support tickets, as well as being able to standardize issue remediation. The business benefits from device, onboarding, and environment standardization as well as vastly improving security and data protection. If a laptop is stolen, lost, or damaged, the company and user data is securely stored in the cloud and can not be compromised. The employees are now benefiting from an improved experience as well.

When paired with Workspace One, Performive’s DaaS Solution delivers a Zero Trust Security Model.


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